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Not giving food the power
Hi everybody! I am new here too.  I watched Oprah's interview with Ellen DeGeneres'es wife, Portia last week and was really taken by something she said. Portia told of her eating disorder and how she overcame it and how she views eating and food and exercise now. You should have seen the look on Oprah's face! It was an Awe- Ha moment!  Portia told her that when it comes to exercise, she hates to exercise. She is dedicated to having an active lifestyle doing the things she enjoys and that make her happy but that keep her active (like horse riding/jumping/training) and that no food is off limits. She said that gives the food too much power. Once a food is permissible, it takes the desire for it away. Interesting huh?  That seemed a very healthy way of looking at diet and exercise.
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