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Welcome to OUR Weight Loss Journey
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A group for people who would like regular buddy support on their weight loss journey. Anyone can join the group the only request from every member it to participate in teh group regularily - to share highs and lows, to be supportive and inspiring to eachother.

Founded by Whatawoman72 on May 1, 2010
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Welcome to OUR Weight Loss Journey<img src='/RoR/images/blank.png' class='icon_img_ww push_pin_icon'>

Feel free to invite your friends on MedHelp to this group.

I have set it up so we can become friends, encourage and support each other with regular posts, tips and ideas.
This group DOES NOT replace the Weight loss forum but compliments it and is an open forum where we can discuss anything happening in our lives that is affecting our weight loss goals.

Mental and emotional health plays a big part in our physical being...our weightloss journeys are affected by our daily lives. So its okay here to share your stresses, your dreams, your hopes, your life experiences etc...

All I ask is that you take a few moments as many days a week as you can to post something to keep the forum active, interesting and worthwhile :)

So post away and enjoy the company :)
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