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Rubella postivie in 8th week of pregnancy

My wife is now 10 weeks pregnant. We did first blood work in 8th Week, and her Rubella Igm test came out positive with high values and IGG came just above max limit and IGG avidity also slightly above high limit.
We got multiple tests done from 2 different labs.

We are not sure, should we terminate the pregnancy or there is chance we can continue. Currently our doctor has advised to wait 2 more weeks and do rubella Igm & Igg tests again to see rise in Igg values.

But we are so much confused, and in doubtful situation.If igg values rose in 2 weeks, i think we should terminate due to primary infection but what if Igg does not rise and remain same, can we be sure, there will be no risk of rubella while Igm is so high.

All Reports
1) 1st test (igg & Igm)  

IGG ® REACTIVE 11.0 ( 0 - 10)
IGM ® REACTIVE 3.03 ( 0 - 1.2)

2) Re-test (igg & igm )  after 5 days

IGG - 10.6 IU/ml (0-10 range)
IGM - 3.010 (0 - 1.2 range)
IGG Avidity - 49.2 % ( 40 high)

3) Re-test (igg, igm, igg avidity) further after 2 days from Different LAB than above
IGM - 3.13
IGG - 17 ( 15 positive).
IGG Avidity - 63% ( 60 high)
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