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Sweet smelling cervical mucous and weird cycle.**TMI**
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Sweet smelling cervical mucous and weird cycle.**TMI**

I am just completely baffled at my body over the past month, I need any advice anyone has for me and appreciate anything anyone has to say, sorry for the length I just want to be thorough
Just a quick over view -
my cycles are usualy 32+days I get af cramping 2 or more days befor AF and usually have tender bbs, and my flow is always super heavy. I have never had a short period, for the almost 12 years I have had it, it has always been 6 days with the odd exceptions where it has lasted longer (this has happened two maybe three times ever) .

this month I have no idea what is wrong with me. I had Ov type cramping on and off since around the 10th. No AF cramps at all but on the 27th I started to get spotting and that day only I had a sore back. Then on and off light bleeding/Spotting-Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and spotting again Tuesday. This is obviously incredibly new to me, a short light period and the bleeding wasn't consistent.
If that was my period that puts O at around the 13th and I had been "active" around then and from that week on I have had OV type cramping since, which means it has been going on for almost a month now. It was worse the weekend I got my "period" and isn't as frequent now.  

I feel off, I was getting really bad headaches last week, this week just a few light ones, my boobs are fine, they dont hurt, they get kinda tingly and itchy, my nipples haven't changed that I can tell, my cervical mucous has been watery but with with a creamy base (if that makes sense) and it does have EWCM in it as well, so its like the two mixed together and has been like this for about a week and has smelt really sweet.
I took a test on Friday and it was negative, but this all just isn't adding up.

I am thinking of going into the walk in clinic but would love to hear what others have to say first.
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