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T shirt for a cause
Hi everyone. Going back last December of 2011, my month old baby had to undergo an urgent operation. He has a Hirschsprung disease though. The doctors said he will have his next operation 8 months after. time passes by so fast.

Since I am a single mom and having a colostomy in the Philippines is so expensive and I do not have an insurance and the medical expenses is a no joke. me and some of my friends are trying to raise funds for Baby Dreih's next operation. In line with this, we are having a Tshirt for a cause somehow we are aiming enough for the operation.

I am posting this topic so anyone can give me an idea on how the shirt look like be. The moto, the design. I just want to make things worth it and two heads is better than one.

If you have any ideas, suggestions you can send me an email or reply to this post. I will highly appreciate it.
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