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Cortisone Shot While Pregnant?
I had some issues with my right arm during the last year. I strained a ligament/tendon or something because I kept picking up ds in the same manner over and over, which eventually led to TERRIBLE pain in my elbow that went down toward my wrist. This went on for months before I saw a doctor because I just thought it was a pulled muscle that would eventually heal on its own. Well, the doc gave me meds for it and said I'd get a shot of cortisone as a last resort (which I was afraid to do, so I kept taking the meds instead).

As soon as I became pregnant I stopped taking them, as my arm had been feeling better.
Well, in the last week or so the pain has started to return slowly, when I have had trouble finding a position to sleep in on my side, as well as the fact that ds is now heavier and is putting more of a strain on my arm again. I have no choice but to lift him because we have stairs. He can climb up them, but can't climb down. Also, I have to lift him to change him, to put him in the highchair, the crib, etc...so resting my arm is not really an option.

Can you get cortisone shots while pregnant? I don't really WANT to, as I am terrified of having a needle stuck directly into my elbow! BUT, I am almost to the point where I'd be willing to do it if it means keeping the pain from coming back full force.

Does anyone have experience with this at all?
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