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HELP!!! Mastitis for the third time in 2 months!!!
First: Mastitis *****!!! Holy cripes, it kicks your ***. And by kicks your *** I mean I feel like I have the worst flu ever, everything hurts, have the worst headache and fatigue, fever, and a huge and angry boob to boot! Plus nausea and near vomiting -- that's also fun.

But the reason why I'm writing this is not just to vent. For those of you who have had this, shouldn't I be feeling better after nearly 48 hrs on antibiotics? My fever is gone (or at least low-grade -- might be coming back tonight, have to check) but otherwise I don't feel all that much better. I've had this three times and been on antibiotics twice now (second time I healed it holistically but my symptoms were too severe this time and I was suffering).

When should I consider going back to the doctor?

I'm thinking part of the problem is my babe has finally started to sleep longer stretches the last few weeks and I am going 6-7 hrs without nursing. Do I disrupt our routine and do away with all of our hard work to get me that sleep? The reason why I am getting this is that I am soo rundown, she was such a poor sleeper, and I started to experience extreme insomnia on top of the frequent wakings. I assume it will only be harder on her when I stop night feeds again when I'm better. Ugh.

Fyi, I've tried lecithin, vit c, hot and cold compresses, cabbage leaves, massage, raw garlic, ginger infusions, probiotics....At this point I'm afraid I am seriously considering weaning, which I don't want to do (also babe won't take a bottle so will be difficult) but I can't continue to spend my mat leave unwell!!!
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