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Please Advise.Its urgent!!!

I am 33 yrs old & have a history of blighted ovum(April '12)...
I started to plan for a baby in August 12.Doctors advised me clomid,HCG,GMH etc but no luck. I changed my gyn in Feb'13  & she advised me a dose of FAS 3 kit(for my husband too) ,B-long & Caberline 0.8 mg & asked me to do a preg test on 33rd day..

This month I missed my periods & did a urine preg test on 23rd Feb & it came out positive.My LMP was Jan 20,2013.

Doc asked for a scan. But I was told after the scan that there is no sign of pregnency at all. No sac present.
Could be delayed preg.

Today is 25th Feb( 37th day) & still no signs of period and also no signs of preg like mrng sickness,nausea,smell prob etc.

I am totally confused.My medicine also changed to Ecosprin-75, Susten 300 & Capsules of Folic acid & Vit B12.

If m not preg,hope taking these medicines wont  harm .....I am totally clueless...M i preg or not...no typical signs of preg but no periods & +ve urine test result.

My gyn is out for 2 days.Cant consult her immediately.
Pls advise.
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