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18 year old girl experiencing reoccuring cysts with severe pain- part 1...
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18 year old girl experiencing reoccuring cysts with severe pain- part 1

To whom this may concern,
I began experiencing really bad pains on my lower right side, and with that followed vomiting. As the months passed, my pains grew considerably worse and so did the vomiting. With each month that passed, i seemed to be getting worse and worse. I finally decided to go to a doctor, who then ordered an ultrasound. It turned out that I had a 5cm cyst on my right ovary so I was referred to a gynaecologist. My gynaecologist decided to monitor the growth of my cyst, and by January I was throwing up almost every day and the pain on the lower right side and my lower back was unbearable. My doctor decided to book me in for a laparoscopy with herself and with a General Surgeon to take out my appendix (they were suspecting that I possibly had appendicitis as well). My surgery date came and gone - about a week after my surgery, i lost all appetite, I was sleeping all the time, I was barely able to keep anything down. To make a long story short, it turned out that I had an abscess engulfing my entire lower abdomen. They booked me in for emergency surgery to clean up the infection. Inside, they ended up finding both E-coli as well as staff bacteria and I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks running into complication after complication. None of the IV antibiotics that were prescribed were working, my OBGYN was going to call infectious disease control to try and find a suitable antibiotic. Then, I became anaemic, and my iron would not go back to normal levels so my family had to consider a blood transfusion.
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I was unable to post the rest of my history to you so I will post it through this comment box.
My struggles did not leave when I left the hospital either; I had an extremely long recovery due to the severe trauma that my body went through during surgery. (That’s just a little sum of my medical background) Now, 2 years later.. I have had over 10 cysts and have been dealing with severe pain the last few months. My pains have always been really bad since my surgery, but ever since this last cyst. I have been put on 60mg of oxycontin and am scheduled for surgery this December. I just recently, within the last few months, went for an ultrasound to monitor the cyst and the test result came back showing possible malignancy. The cyst was 7cm+ in size and the technician who ended up doing the ultrasound used different techniques to find it.. He made me move into these weird positions to get a good picture and pushed down really hard on my lower abdomen.. I spent probably 20+ minutes in the room getting the test done. Now, my second ultrasound done did not show a possible malignancy however the technician that did my ultrasound had told me that my bladder was not full enough to get a clear picture and that we would probably have to come back again. I than had a third ultrasound done, again by the same technician, and she spent not even 5 minutes doing the ultrasound before telling me I could leave. I find it a little odd that the one technician that took the time to get a good picture actually ended up finding a possible malignancy. The reason that this is worrying me is both my strong family history with ovarian cancer; both my grandmother as well as my great aunt (my grandmother’s sister) had and died from ovarian cancer. On top of the severe pain, this last month or so, I have been experiencing really bad indigestion and bloating (i have noticed it really bad at night) - I thought that maybe it could be traced back to the types of food I'm eating but it's not. The last few nights I have had barely anything for dinner and still get this at night time. Not to mention, the really bad lower back and side pain. Naturally, I am extremely worried.
Oh, and another thing.. I just recently lost my virginity however the pains that i have been experiencing during sexual intercourse are horrific.. I burst into tears. I have a feeling that it has to do with everything that I am going through.
I am booked in for surgery in December, to get both the cyst removed and possibly the ovary (due to all of the problems that I have been having.. I don't know what else to do) I am also getting the nerve endings of the ovary cut as well as the adhesions cleaned up. Please, give me any insight that you have on my case. Even though I am going in for surgery in 4 weeks.. I need some advice. Whether it be to calm my worries, or any advice that you think I should do during or after surgery. I lost my high school diploma because of this, i wasn't able to graduate with my graduating class.. I know there are worse things in life, but that worse thing in life could be cancer and I could have it... please help me. Is it true that ovarian cysts can be cancerous? (My aunt works in health care and she said that they do not do that unless they truly believe that it is troublesome).
Anything you could do for me would make the world of a difference.

Thank you in advance,

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