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30 year old on hormone replacement. Still Sick?
Well, to start I was always healthy and in shape. When I was pregnant I ended up with Severe-preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Ever since then I have been in horrible health. I have gained over 100 lbs since 2006 despite good diet and exercise, and I just feel horrible everyday. It took 13 doctors to get one to finally check my hormones, the others just treated me bad and told me to diet and exercise.  I now have pages and pages of abnormal lab work but noone can tell me exactly what is wrong. Here are a few quick examples.  Oh.. all of this started when I was 26... I'm 30 now and still sick.

I have Vit B12, Vit D, Magnesium, Ferriten defeciencies.  
Was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at one appointment, then told the next appointment I don't have thyroid issue by the same doctor.

IGF-1       Low
Estrogen  Low
Progesterone  Low
Testosterone   Low
FSH        Low
Cortisol   Low and High.. results are varied even though done at same time of day.

Triglycerides   High
HLD    Low
Fatty Liver

There are so many other things but I just can't remember them all.  

Does anyone at all have these same problems?  What could be causing all of this?  I'm feeling so bad these days but none of my doctors can explain why or do anything to help me.  Doctor said she has never had anyone respond to hormone replacement like me and that she can't explain it.

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