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40 day period
I am a 31 year old woman and I've been having trouble with my period.  I have my period for 40 days straight and I am bleeding very heavily!  A LOT!  Not to be gross or anything but it feels up 2 pads an hour!  When I finally stop its only for 2 weeks!  I have been getting really dizzy and I stay tired and sleepy!  I have been to the doctor and they keep telling me the same thing that I need to take Birth Control.  So I did that and it doesn't change anything!  Then here recently I started passing blood through my bowels!  I know there is something more going on, but the doctors wont do any testing to find out why.  My friend told me that I could become anemic and I could could have low iron as a result of having my period for so long!  My husband and I really want to have children, we have been trying for so long!  I was pregnant once before about 7 1/2 years ago but I had a miscarriage and I haven't been able to get pregnant since!  I know it has something to do with my period, but I can't get any help!  Anyone have any advice?
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