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5 weeks 6 days no fetal pole.
5 weeks 6 days, hi ladies.   i have an 11 year old son,  and had 2 miscarriages in 2003 and 2004.  both times, no fetal lpole, just a yolk sac.  first one dr. did a d&e at 7 1/2 weeks,  next one he wanted to wait to see if it would come out on its own, it didn't, and  i hemorrhaged at 8 weeks... severely, and very afraid of that happening again.

went for first ultra sound today.  first day of last period was 8/21  so i should be 6 weeks today.  I realize it may be to early for hb, but was hoping to see at least a fetal pole.

at us today, just showing yolk sac again, no fetal pole yet.  And the ultrasound tech. said the same thing, 'maybe you just aren't as far as you thought'  .   the measurements she took (on the yolk sac i think) showed 5 weeks 6 days,  so i guess we are right on with the timing,  i just need to see a fetal pole.  :(    

its hard to not think its going to happen again.  and each time this happens I cherish my 11 year old more and more, and realize how lucky i am to have him.

i had blood drawn this morning, and they are supposed to call me tomorrow morning, so i'm going to ask for blood to be drawn again to compare.  

looking forward to getting to know all of you.  thanks for listening, stephie4
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