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6 Months Of Anal, Stomach, Back & Vaginal Pain
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6 Months Of Anal, Stomach, Back & Vaginal Pain


I've come here because I'm at my wits end, I really don't know what to do.

I live in UK. I recently moved to a new area, which meant I had to change NHS doctors. as I was out of the catchment area. My old doctor was brilliant. I've had a terrible experience at my new surgery.

In March I visited my new surgery as after sitting 8 hours a day at work, I was getting anal pain, also a burning pain on my buttock. In the past my previous doctor suspected I may have endometriosis as I would get very painful periods, and the this burning sensation on my buttock area, among other thing. I went on the pill, and the burning pain went away. This was a couple years ago.

I explained this to the new doctor, as they didn't have my medical history through yet. I also explained the severe bloating I would get occasionally after eating, and my painful stomach. I told her I suspected I had hemorrhoids, as I could feel bubbles around the outside of my bum. She did not examine me, she said if I had hemorrhoids and I quote "You wouldn't be able to sit at all and people would stare at you because you walk funny". I thought what a total load of rubbish. She said I probably have IBS and gave me some tablets for gastro reflux. I was not satisfied with this, but gave it a go. I explained that when I became aroused inside my vagina would hurt very badly. I tried to explain my past history, also that a past ultrasound showed cysts etc. She wasn't interested.

1 month later and the anal pain had because unbareable. By midweek every week at work I'd be on the brink of tears from the pain. I'd take painkillers and use suppositories for what I suspected were piles. I went back to the doctor. This time she examined me externally around the anal area. She said I had 'loose' skin, not piles. I did not agree with this. I tried to explain how much pain I was in, and the lower back pain, the stomach aches etc. She didn't seem interested. I asked questions. Nothing much came of this. I left empty handed and still in pain.

I suffered another month, and went back AGAIN. By this point I'd been missing work as sitting was unbearable. I was suffering with depression and anxiety (I have a history of severe depression and anxiety) but dare not bring that up incase she thought I was lying about everything else, by this point I was seriously questioning her judgement.

This time she took a vaginal swab. I explained I now had reoccurring painful peeing, and I was often up in the night 6 times to go. She gave me 'pee pot' to bring back to the surgery for testing.

A few painful weeks go by and I make and appointment to her AGAIN for the results, this time I took my partner with me to witness the way she acted in the consultation, as I had serious doubts about her. The results came back clear. I told her how much pain I was in, all the symptoms. She grutted a lot and seemed completely not interested, I asked if she had my medical history yet (she couldn't even remember me from the previous appointments). She then grunted again, wrote my name on a stick and went of the room. Few minutes later she comes back with printed notes from my previous doctor. She asked when I'd seen the gyno in the past, I said a couple years. She said 2006? I said I'm not sure, she very rudely went YES 2006, as she found the letters in my history. My partner tried to ask a question but she kept cutting him off. By this point I was missing a lot of work and was extremely stressed and she didn't seem to want to do anything.

Apparently my previous doctor had made an appointment for me for the gyno that I wasn't aware of, that had been missed.

She said she would call the gyno the next morning and refer me. A whole month went by, I'd had no appointment through for the gyno and I was spending most of my time in bed, in pain. I'd lost faith in this woman and had this dreadful thought of her not refering me. So I called the surgery. They said she had refered me today. 1 WHOLE MONTH from when I was her. I said are you sure that's right, it was right. I was livid. I didn't know what to do. I was frightened to death to see her again. I waited another month for an appointment for the gyno (by this point I was convinced it was more to do with the anal area), it came through.... it's for 18th August. All in all 6 months after seeing the doctor repeatedly.

I asked to see another doctor. When I told her my symptoms she asked if I told the other doctor this as she had made no notes. WHAT A SURPRISE, NOT! She examined me externally, and low and behold I have piles. What the other doctor said I didn't. However this did not explain the other problems. I've now been back to this doctor twice. She's also refered me to the, sorry I don't know the name, anal specialist, this was 2 weeks ago... and yet to hear a thing.

That brings us today. 6 months on. I have missed A LOT of work, my boss has been good to me, however I do NOT receive sick pay. We came to an agreement I could work from home, but now I can't even do that I cannot concertrate at all. My finances are dire and so is my health. On top of the physical issues I'm now suffering from several depression and anxiety. I have suffered very badly in the past with this, but I thought it was all behind me. I cry all the time, can't sleep at night, sleep in day, frightened to death to go outside, get angry at everything... lots of thing.

I don't know what on earth I need to do to get diagnosed. I'm in pain constantly, can't sit more than a couple minutes at a time. Get a bloated feeling in my bum like there's a balloon up there. Upset stomaches, stabbing pains in anus. Constantly tired, back pain, sickness. But no doctor seems to LISTEN! On top of this I am now severly depressed but don't want to seek help for this incase they then ignore the other issues. I'm now in debt from missing work, frightened I'm going to lose my job. I'm at my wits end.

My boss and partner have said I should go to A&E but I don't feel that's the right thing to do. Tomorrow I'm going into the walk in centre, but no doubt they will refer me back to my TERRIBLE doctor.

Please, any suggestions or help... I would be so very very grateful for!

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Avatar m tn
Sorry, forgot to mention I did have an ultrasound. They couldn't find my left ovary and said it's probably normal though... probably? No cysts were found (in the past their were), doctor said since I'm taking the pill now, that can make them go away.
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Hi there, am sorry to hear of your problems. I notice the date you posted was some time ago now but have you got any answers? I posted a similar thing in the gastro forum a few days ago. In Jan last year i started getting a pain in my vaginal wall, right side all the way up on arousal. It would go through to my anus and such a strong ache. After orgasm the pain would hang around for up to a fortnight and then ease so it was more managable. Went to gum clinic and nothing showed, all clear. Ive had the same partner for 2 years so didnt expect it show anything anyway. The gum clinic thought they found a cervical polyp, my gp disagreed and said it more like a blood blister. Referral to gynae after 3 drs appointments and he said i have a sensitive womb. Ive always known that, its always painful when they press down on it, it wasnt new. He expected i had something called adenomyosis because its common in women with endometriosis which i had. I came home and read up on this and it doesnt sound like it one bit. I went back to him...he examined me and gave me the same 'suspected' diagnosis. Its very hard to talk to a man about womens probs but i told him it was worse with sex and pain lasted for weeks after going through to my bum.
After that i was gutted. Didnt want sex, in so much pain. Then i got a strong burning pain in the bit where bum meets leg, on the inside if that makes sense. The pain went through my buttock and down my leg and was also worse after sex. Dr said sciatica, but an unusual form as i get the pain at the back and inside of my leg. Had xray then mri of lumbar spine. They were wrong. My spine was fine, no sciatica. I asked the consultant can you have sciatica with no damage showing on the mri he said no and am waiting to have pshysio. I had saddle paraesthesia which made them certain i had sciatica and now i have no reason for it.
The groin pain sometimes eases to an easier to cope with pain, walking sometimes makes it worse, but the past week or so, after no sex for a month, i have the ache in my vagina and through to my bum again.
Ive read about ppl saying they had endo move to the nerve there and disturb it, feasable i guess as i have endo. Other things are vaginal spasms (again on arousal the vagina enlarges so could be something to do with muscle or tendons?) and piriformis, which lots of drs dont know about. Ive had a lot of swollen glands lately so have also wondered if there are glands round my groin are i cant feel that are causing the pain. Its so confusing, frustrating and worrying.
I find the sciatic type pain is worsened by sitting on a hard chair.

Things i also have similar to yourself are the stabbing anal pains...i have piles confirmed with a camera last summer but only small...not sure theyd cause all this pain though?

I have enlarged follicles in my right ovary. Had them before and they cause abdo, hip and leg pain. This is also on my right side. They are cysts if they measure over 3cm im told and mine were just under this. One showed on my mri scan for the lumbar.

I do have ibs im told, i struggle a lot recently with loose movements and i get terrible cramps.

Totally sympathise with you having a terrible gp, i have an illness with invisible symptoms and my dr kept telling me i was stressed and they were in my head. She reduced me to tears so many times. eventually got a diagnosis when i went to another gp in the practice and she never apologised and she caused me, by not listening or believing me, such a terrible stress and depression.

I do hope you have some answers now xxxx
Avatar n tn
Hi ladies, I am having similar symptoms. Pain in anus sometimes into the buttock on the left.  Sometimes I can't even pinpoint whether it's my anus or my vaginal area.  I do think that I have recently pinched a nerve in my back.  I wondered if you ladies have had any resolution on your pain.  Thanks for any info you have!
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