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Am I pregnant? Please read! x
Ok, here it goes. Going to be a long one sorry!
The boyfriend and I are both 18 (Almost 19) and have been together 3 years. He works full-time and I'm doing a part time pre-degree.
I have been on the pill for 4/5 years for 3 months consecutively as my mum suffers from Endomitriousis(?) which is why I was placed on them so young.
The last time I had my break, I had run out of my packs (yearly prescription) and have to make an appointment, which took me a while to get round to doing. As a result, I was off the pill for, approximately 6-8 weeks. Withing the first 4/5 weeks I had about 3 periods (I presume an effect of coming off the pill.)
We had had sex, although he hadn't "finished" in me, and we had intercourse without a condom (then he would put one on to finish)
I have been on back on the pill for about 4 weeks now, however the last couple of weeks I have had numerous symptoms.
The first was very tender and sore nipples (mainly)/breasts. Since then I have had headaches, I had strong nausea for a few days (though no actual sickness) some cramping in my lower abdomen, a fluttery sensation (which I read can be gas), and for about 3 weeks I've had (on and off) a constant pressure to pee though it can be an hour or two before I actually do. The past week i've had some constipation, and a slight feeling of being bloated (I normally have quite a flat stomach!)
All of which, are symptoms.
I also found out a few days ago my mum actually fell pregnant with me whilst ON the pill, and she falls pregnant easily! Whether or not that is passed down I do not know :)

I have broken off my pills 2 months early and am waiting to see what happens, and plan to take a pregnancy test by the end of the week.
Is there any chance I may be pregnant? Or am I just having all the symptoms when really there is another diagnosis?
If I am I would be around 6 weeks now, if the HPT comes out negative, is it worth waiting another week or so to take another?
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