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Awkward but I am curious
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Awkward but I am curious

I am fifteen years old, and female.
I've been diagnosed with PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome ) and such.
I have horrible back pains a lot, sometimes I am able to stand and stuff but not for to long before I am ready to cry due to it.
Its hell in school buttt thats another thing, back onto what I was saying.
Sometimes I am unable to even move onto my side laying down without crying it hurts that much.
I have been to the hospital once for it (ER) and they two lortab for it while there, pain went from a ten to a seven and they sent me home.

So, here is my question.
Has anyone here had that bad of pain who have been diagnosed with PCOS?
If so.. Is there anything I can really do to help it?

Additional information: Its lower back, like.. Right above my butt.
It is sometimes in the middle, sometimes in the left or right side or all three.
I have had an ultra sound and my ovaries ARE there / working.
I also have an Adrenaline Gland issue, doctors and parents are all leaning towards it being cushing's but we're unsure right now.
And I have never started my period, even with a 7 day dose thing to kick start it.
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