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Hey everyone

I am new to this website and I hope I am in the right forum.

6 months ago I got diagnosted with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and was treated for it with Antibiotics. Ever since I have not had any kind of problems , pain or irritation.
But a little over 2 weeks ago I started having a tooth ache and got prescribed Antibiotics again - and I noticed that the Antibiotics I got prescribed was AUGMENTIN (875 mg/ 2 x a day for 10 days). I never took that kind of antibiotics before and was sceptical.

3 days into taking those antibiotics i started having a burning, itching sensation in my vaginal area - first just the outside of the vagina. Two days later the burning got worse and it affected the inner labia, even the area around the vaginal opening. BUT I had/ have no vaginal discharge at all.

The burning and itching and irritation got so worse that I could barely walk, wearing slips was painful and urinating was too and everything down there was red, sore and swollen and the labia felt rubber-like numb.

So i went to the OB/GYN and he told me that this is an yeast infection - most likely caused by the antibiotics.
He told me that he could either prescribed an ointment or that I could just go and get the over-the-counter stuff - and I did. Got the Monistat 1 Action Pack - and after inserting the ovale "Thing" i noticed that the burning and itching got quite better after two days.
Yesterday, 5 days later the itching and burning is still there - not as bad as before but still there, and even affected the Perineum and Anus Area. Every Bowl Movement is quite painful - it burns like hell.

So I got the Vagisil Maximum Strength Creme - and man, I could not take that burn - that was like fire when i put that creme on and I had to take it off immediately. So I started just sitting in the tub with cold water to ease the itch and burn - which helps. not for long, but at least a little.

I even noticed that the skin around the vagina and the anus looks reddish, some parts scaly/ flaky like.
And I do want to mention that I have psoriasis (affected in palms of my hands, under my feet, legs, elbows, knees, head skin and under my fingernails). And I am concerned that maybe my genital area got affected now with psoriasis.

I went back to the OB/GYN and told him about the symptons that are still there - but he said that an yeast infection will take at least 7 days to heal to wait a few more days.

But I am really concerned now. It still feels painful when i just walk, every "tight" clothing causes more irritation and bowl movements/ urinating are a nightmare and at night it rarely lets me fall asleep cause the burn and irritation make it almost impossible to find some rest.
I am a single mother and have to take care of my boy all day and being in such a discomfort makes the every day life with a 3 yr old harder than it already is as a single mother.

Please - if you have any idea what it could be - is it an yeast infection like the OB/GYN said/ thinks - could it be psoriasis (anybody here diagnosed with it?) or something else or where to go to/ whom to seek for medical help - PLEASE let me know your thoughts.

I am very thankful for taking the time to read my post and wish all of you a great day.

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