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Boils, curing, pus?
About a week ago, I noticed a small pimple like bump on my right butt cheek. I was squeezing at it and trying to pop it, but I soon realized that it wasn't a pimple, that it was a boil. The pain was horrid and I went to the doctor and got cream and some medicine to fight the infection. About 3/4 days ago, it came to a head and I popped it before I showered. After the shower, I had my mom squeeze it some more so the pus could come out. A  lot came out. But it was still the size of a soft ball. Last night, she squeezed it some more and got a lot of pus to come out, the pain was horrible. She cleaned it up and put this cream on it and covered it up. This morning I woke up and the bandaid was full of pus and she than squeezed it some more, I think the pus is endless. She gave me my antibiotic and some benadryl, I fell asleep, I just woke up about 30mins ago and she asked if I wanted her to clean it and get more pus out, I said yes, got the stuff and laid down. While she was squeezing at it, two yellow like heads came to the surface, she got one of the heads out, and cleaned my butt with rubbing alcohol, than went at it again and a huge yellow thing came out, it was like a yellow ball. Now it's just bleeding and I don't know if I should cover it or not, and if it's done pussing? I have a hole on my butt cheek the size of a nail head, is this normal? The pain has cut down a whole lot and it isn't as swollen, will it reappear? How do I stop it from spreading? How do I make sure that all the pus has came out?
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