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Braxton Hicks with twins
Hi there.  I am currently 25-26 weeks pregnant with twins, this is my 3rd pregnancy.

I have found the pregnancy quite tough, and have had lots of pelvic pressure, and aches and pains compared with the singletons.  I had my last baby at 24 weeks, and as a result had a cervical stitch placed at 12 weeks in this pregnancy.  So far, all is well - my last internal scan at 25 wks showed some slight funneling at the top of my cervix, but the consultant was happy, and said I had a good length of closed cervix above and below the stitch.

Trouble is, since then I have been freaking out ever so slightly.  Just knowing my cervix has succumbed to the pressure of my babies has made me terrified.  I have never been told to be on bed rest, but apart from getting up for the toilet, or to make an occasional dinner, I have pretty much been horizontal throughout this pregnancy.  I felt confident that the stitch would hold which is exactly why it was placed, until I began to feel more Braxton Hicks contractions since the appointment.

I had them frequently until 22 weeks, and they seemed to have no effect on my cervix.  They then stopped altogether, but are now back.  They happen every couple of hours between 9am and 5pm, then stop til the next morning.  They are painless, but take my breath away.  My heart starts to race, and my tummy hardens  - it almost feels as though the babies are expanding my uterus from the inside.  It feels very peculiar, almost like bad gas moving and rumbling around.  Is this how normal BH feel?  THough it doesn't hurt, it feels very unnerving - probably because I am anxious anyway.  What I need to know is if some of you twin ladies have experienced the same at this stage, but still gone on to deliver near term?  

The problem is, I had an emergency cerclage placed with my daughter at 23 weeks, and immediately after I had tightenings for a few days which turned into full blown contractions and eventually her birth a week later.  I cannot help but fret that it is happening all over again.  My only reassurance is that I had these weeks ago and they amounted to nothing - and I am suspicious that my anxiety has triggered them again.  

Also, I have had pressure in my back passage since 10 weeks which has eased slightly in the last few weeks, but again can this be normal with twins?  Just to complicate matters, I do have a bladder prolapse which is making itself more and more apparent as the pregnancy progresses - it feels like a tampon not properly inserted!  COnsultant confirmed it was a prolapse - it isn't helping with all the bizarre sensations tho!!  

Thoughts anyone?  Can anyone relate?
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