Brown discharge before period
by Tania4575, Apr 19, 2011
HI, I have been reading about the diferent types of discharge before and after a period, but Im still not clear about it.  I just want to know if its normal to have brown discharge days before my period starts, its not all day but it can last for 2 days, then nothing and then my period. Thanks.
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by falynmarie, Apr 19, 2011
I think it is normal, it happens to me sometimes :)
by Carly1306, Apr 19, 2011
Yes it's normal. Brown blood in your discharge is old blood...which is pretty common to have just before starting your period...getting rid of what was left in there before your new period begins.
by sexyjenelle21227, Apr 26, 2011
that is normal i get it before my period and after.
by lilone_4reela, Jul 21, 2011
ok i had a period but it was little brown or sometime it would be no blood its time for me to have a period  so why is it brown or the next day there will be no blood idk what to do me and my bf been having sex it been like this for a week now and today the brown stop my next period is not due til next mouth.
by Stressed92, Mar 19, 2012
I am a week away from my period, just started taking birth control. My partner and I have sex on a regular basis but we take measures to assure that pregnancy won't happen easily. I have brown discharge today. It felt like the feeling I get right before my period and it happened right after I came back from my walk. I just had my regular pap smear in August and I was wondering if I should be worried. Please comment! It would be greatly appreciated!
by Carly1306, Mar 19, 2012
Since you just recently started birth control, having brown discharge is completely normal. It;s just a side effect of the birth control. It happens because your body is trying to get used to being on birth control. It's also normal right before a period - so could be possible your period is about to arrive early. Which could also be down to the birth control.