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Cervix high and soft but bleeding
My cervix was high and soft saturday morning.. that night i started spotting light light pink.. then sunday morning was a dark brown.. i figured i was ovulating 24th-29th and thought the spotting might be ovulation bleeding.. but then my husband and i bedded and about 20 min after i went to the restroom (feet were in the air lol) and i was bleeding.. like he'd started my period and i was cramping pretty bad.. needless to say i was heartbroken as i was obviously trying thinkin it was ovulation time and here i am getting a period..  This morning am still bleeding bright pink but its slowed down a bunch this morning i passed a very very tiny piece of tissue.  i know this is probably to nasty to some of u but after noticing that the bleeding has slowed a bunch i decided to check my cervix.. its again high and very very soft.. i scared to think that i might be miscarrying again.. hard to think i am though sense i quiet literally woulda just ovulated... has anyone else had anything like this happen to them?
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