Colored Discharge from Crinone Progesterone Cream
by ayatee, Mar 21, 2006
I am hoping someone can help me with the answer to this question since I am stumped.  I am 9 weeks pregnant and this is my fourth pregnancy.  The first two ended in miscarriage and for the third I was put on Crinone Progesterone Cream and it was successful.  I am once again on the Crinone but have been having a pinkish or salmon colored discharge mixed in with the Crinone.  I did not have the pink color discharge with my last pregnancy.  I am not spotting and have been to my Doctor a few times already and everything is going as planned.  I even called the maker of Crinone and they said the dischrage should be white or off white.  I don't think it is blood because it is an odd color and I had the bleeding with my first miscarriage and this looks different.  When I go to the bathroom there is also no blood or anything abnormal.  I have read other comments about people having this colored discharge and their doctor them it was normal.  Has anyone else heard of seen this?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!  Thanks, Scared to death mom to be.
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by sbrankin, Mar 31, 2006
I have the same thing and thought that I was crazy because everything I have read says white discharge only.  I have had a pinkish tint to the discharge and some even a bit darker brownish color but it is very random- not every day.  I read that the suspension gel does not get absorbed and sometimes has to be removed, so I am hoping that the discharge is old gel.

This is my 1st time using Crinone and I haven't been to the MD yet.  My ultrasound is next week.  I feel fine- no bleeding (that I know of anyways).....

I am trying to stay positive but am a bit worried as well.
by ayatee, Apr 04, 2006
THANK YOU!! for your reply.  I thought I was going crazy as well because this is my 2nd time on the Crinone and I didn't have any problems before.  I was very worried in the beginning (and will worry the entire 9 months) but I have read other people have had similar reactions with this.  I think the company that makes the Crinone better do a little more research.  I even called them and they told me the discharge should only be white or off white.  I also had my Dr. check me out but I really believe its not blood and its just the color of the gel.  It is very sporadic just like yours.  Well, I will keep our fingers crossed for both of us.  I know it is very scary but hang in there, we'll get through it. :)
by Mdeepa, Apr 05, 2006
Hi to both to you. I am much relieved after I went through your comments. I am 8 wks pregnant now.I had brownish discharge at the 4th week for which I was put on Crinone gel. Had a previous episode of missed abortion 6 mths back and am very apprehensive this time. This brownish coloured Dischrge after a few days usage of Crinone is making me tensed. My Gynaec did not give much importance to this but I will be keeping my fingers crossed until i get my ultrasound done this sunday.Will pray for all of us here.Let us all keep the faith and take things positively. Will keep you posted .
by ayatee, Apr 08, 2006
good luck to you.  I know it is scary but attitude I think has alot to do with it.  stay positive.  Its hard to sometimes when you have been through hard times but it's all we got.  let us know and again good luck.
by jerseymommy, Apr 12, 2006
Hi Ladies,

I just read this and thought I'd post as well.  I'm 6wks pregnant . I've been getting some sporadic *salmon-colored* discharge as well with the Crinone.  I thought I was going out of my mind also.  I had 2 miscarriages before successfully gave birth to my son 3 years ago. I was put on progesterone suppositories with my son. This is the 1st time that I'm using Crinone creme.  I'm curious to find out what's causing the pinkish/salmon discharge.

Take care.
by Mdeepa, Apr 19, 2006
Hey guys,its great to be connected this way.At least you know that there is someone with whom you can relate to. USG on sunday went well.And since I am 33 plus , my gynaec has recommended the double marker test which is to detect any cong.abnormality in foetus. The result is due on Monday. I am just praying that everything goes on well this time. Have left it all to the almighty. We as mortals can only do whatever is possible in our hands. How are you all faring?Just remember whatever happens,it happens for the better.
And for our new friend here, dont worry about the coloured crinone discharge as long as it not staining. Be positive everyting will work out fine for all of us.Be in touch
by Val007, Apr 20, 2006
It was nice to finally find something online that related to my problem, too!  I am the same way - two miscarriages, a healthly pregnacy resulting in our daughter and now I'm on pregnancy #4.  I also took Crinone with our daughter and am once again on it - have noticed the slightly pink colored globules once in awhile, but mostly white ones when they do expel.  I am 9 weeks pregnant and went to the doctor for an ultrasound at 6 weeks (there was a viable pregnancy at that time and a heartbeat).  I go next week for my 10 week check-up and am nervous.  I'm wondering how everyone is still doing?  Also, do you have pregnancy "symptoms" with this pregnancy?  I was nauseous for a couple of weeks and am now better - seems odd - like I should still feel sick.
by Mdeepa, Apr 24, 2006
Hi Val, I thought i was the only odd one out here.I Do not at all have any of the so called "symptoms"of pregnancy. Except that i felt very tired at the initial few weeks along with body ache and mild back pain. Besides that (touchwood,by god's grace) I do not have any "symptoms".Just relax.
by ayatee, Apr 24, 2006
I am glad to hear everyone is doing well.  It is good to have other people going through the same thing to talk to.  As for the pregnancy symptoms, I read once that progesterone cream eases morning sickness.  I only symptom I really had (and still have) is weight gain and sometimes being emotional.  I have had no morning sickness but I am very tired.  I know the tired part is the progesterone and the fact that I currently have two kids under 3 to chase around while being pregnant.  But I think the crinone really helps with "regular" pregnancy symptoms.  I will keep fingers crossed for everyone, have faith.