Correct way to wipe...really!
by NorthernSoul, Apr 09, 2006
I know this will sound like the question of an idiot, but here goes...
My niece and I had a discussion about the correct way to wipe after urinating.  We all know that when you have a bowel movement, you reach from behind, and wipe front to back to avoid infecting the vaginal area...but here is my question... When we "pee", I learned to wipe front to back, but from the front.  My neice has her daughter wipe after urinating by going front to back from behind?  How the heck can someone reach that?  Am I crazy?
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by AnnJ, Apr 09, 2006
You're always supposed to go front to back no matter what. I've never had a problem reaching underneath to the front, but if you can't do it, I don't think there is any harm in reaching in from the front.
by monkeyflower, Apr 09, 2006
It doesn't matter how you wipe after urinating. You really only need to wipe front to back after a bowel movement.
by Jah02e, Apr 10, 2006
About wiping front to back...I have always been told to wipe that way no matter what it is that you are doing.  When I urinate I wipe that way, b/c along time ago I didn't really care so I would wipe back to front or front to back which ever was the fastest and I would always get an infection from wiping the wrong way.  So no matter you go about doing it as long as you wipe front to back for both urinating and bw then you are ok.
by JoAnnaRF, Apr 10, 2006
I don't think it really matters which route you take, as long as you go front to back when you get there. I also agree that it is best to practice the front to back method even after only urinating. There can always be traces of fecal matter (if only microscopic) left behind, no matter how well one wipes.
by Soccermom 123, Jul 02, 2007
Front back, side to side.  Impala, country boyz classic wit da monocolour
by animal_24, Jul 08, 2007
Yeah when i first learned "the correct way to wipe" i was a bit suprised but i did hear that if you can't reach or have trouble wiping front to back you can pat dry.  Even though you may not have a bowel movement it is possible to spread bacteria by wiping "back to front".
by hayleybug, Sep 04, 2009
i am a woman, and i've always wiped back to front.  having said that, it is not like i'm wiping over my vagina after a bowel movement.  just dont wipe too far up.  i'm over 21 years of age, and i have never had any kind of problems or infections, yeast or otherwise, down there,so i say front to back only is a myth as long as you dont overshoot your boundary.  i think a more important thing to talk about on the lines of vaginal infection causes is proper cleaning.  you should never use soap or douches, only warm water, and to do this pretty often.   too often, or using soaps and douches, will cause you to kill the good bacteria that protect us from such infections.  but again, wiping back to front or front to back does not matter as long as 1) you dont overshoot your boundary (ie you had a bowel movement, dont wipe across your vagina) and 2) proper, regular (not excessive) cleaning of your privates.     now to those worried about fecal matter and bacteria getting to your privates.... every time you pass gas, you are releasing fecal matter and bacteria that, especially when sitting in a chair or something, can make its way into your vagina.  plus it can get on your underwear (and i'm not talking about obvious skid marks, just usual unseen matter) and as we all know, underwear can sometimes slide around.  so, in conclusion, back to front is just fine provided you do the two things i mentioned above.
by Sue446, Dec 31, 2009
The right way to wipe after you urinate is from the front to the back.
The doctor told me that if you do it from the back to the front you can come down with a urinary tract infection real bad.
Please try it from the front to the back as I do it because coming from
experience I  have had real bad UTI infections from doing it the back to front and now I do it from the front to the back and have not had any UTI infections.You should also take Probiotic Acidophilus I take it and it works really well.It helps relieve occasional constipation,gas & bloating and naturally promotes regularity,healthy digestion and
intestinal health.