Could i be pregnant if....
by kookykid97, Apr 13, 2005
i know the first respone is gonna be "get tested" but i'm not even sure if it possible for me to pregnant.
me and my boyfriend were trying to have sex, but it being my first time it really hurt and it was hard for him to get in, so he thought if he didn't use a condom to start off with it might be easier for him to get in. So we started without a condomand then after he started to get in he stopped and put one on a we had sex.
A day later i started my period witch lasted for 5 days about. i then found out that pre-*** had sperm in it. A small amount, but sperm never the less.
well yesterday was the 28 day mark and i haven't had my period yet. i know periods arn't exactly 28 days apart, but it's still alil nerve racking. so i was wondering if it was posssible that i might have gotten pregnant since i had my period the next day?

oh and also is it 28 days from day 1 of your period till the first day of your next one or what?
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by JenNotSoSure, Apr 13, 2005
actually, yes it is possible, because like you said, pre-*** does have its little "tadpoles" in it...lol, but still i have one little girl, who is almost 2, and im 19 years old, not married, and i think i MIGHT be pg once again............
Because i'm in the same exact situation you are in, Only me and my Ex used a condom both times, but he still only pre-***'d...and i'm like 8 days late...I just don't want to start while Im on the operating table. Because im getting surgery tomorrow morning on my arch in my foot. well enough about me...! well yes it is possible, just you know go get a test, and you'll know..

Thanks....AND your welcome..*lol* bye!
by Danelover, Apr 14, 2005
I have 2 children and I am 32 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and last. But with my first child I had my period for 3 months while I was pregnant. So you still can be pregnant and have your period. Give it about a week or two and have a test done. Hope everything comes out the way you hope.

by kookykid97, Apr 14, 2005
i had my period the next day tho, so would that mean i'm not?
or is it still possible?
by Christie2004, Apr 15, 2005
It would be extremely unlikely to be pregnant if events unfolded the way you described.  Nothing is impossible; but it would be unlikely.

But-any time any woman has sexual intercourse and has ovaries that work and a uterus, pregnancy IS POSSIBLE.  Even if protection is used.

Since you are becoming sexually active, it is imperative that you learn how a womans body works, and how to prevent unwanted pregnancy.  
The correct thing to do if you were having a painful first experience, would have been to use KY jelly or other lubricant approved for use with a condom--BUT STILL USE THE CONDOM.  Period.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Guys will tell you lots of things to get "in" without a condom!  DON'T FALL FOR IT. If you are not wanting to be pregnant---NEVER have intercourse without using protection.  Never!

It's up to you to protect YOURSELF from unwanted pregnancy.  Actually, condoms should ALWAYS be used with foam or contraceptive jelly, in case of breakage or leakage.

Learn how your body works.  Learn how to keep from getting pregnant.  There is NO excuse for ingnorance in this area--if you are responsible enough to have sex--you are responsible to not have an unintended pregnancy or STD.

Good luck.
by babette05, May 10, 2005
I know all the facts about pre-*** now but how do I know if the guy guy "pre-cummed"?  is it an obvious liquid or would i have not even noticed anything?  i'm worried about the chances of pregancy fro pre-*** but i just dont know if he did or not?  i mean, does it always happen everytime a guy gets excited?  thanks
by nicc, Jul 05, 2005
The other day My fiancee and i were having sex and the Condom slipped off inside me, Really far! Im really freaked out, I have no idea when my ovulation is, and my period stopped just the day before this, any comments are much appreciated.
by oceans3, Jul 05, 2005
just as woman get "wet" men do as well. most of the time they do have a little bit of "***" before the full ejaculation. its more of a clear liquid than the white goo that comes flying out. You wont know if he is leaking or not if he is inside of you but chances are he is. they have no control over it just as we dont. that little bit still contains sperm. obvoiusly if you are touching him at the tip and rubbing around it, you will feel it/wetness. still something you dont want to mess with. what i mean, if you are worried about pregnancy, dont rely on the withdrawl method. just use a condom and you wont need to worry each month.
by oceans3, Jul 05, 2005
did you get the condem out? this actually happened to me years ago. i was unusually crampy and i kept going to the bathroom and smelling ejaculation. the condom had slipped off and stayed inside of me. he "reached" in there and got it out. I was scared i could be pregnant. believe it or not, it still had the ejaculation inside of the condom. however, you should call your dr. and ask him/her about it. i dont know if it got inside of you or not but sperm can live up to 3 days in there. maybe take a pregnancy test so you dont worry yourself waiting for your period. kudos for wearing a condom in the first place!
by oceans3, Jul 05, 2005
sorry! i just realized the date of your post so im sure you have all of your answers by now right?