Discharge with onion/garlic smell
by kucukkedi, Feb 08, 2007
hi everyone,
I have searched and searched the internet but can't seem to find anything to do with my problem.
I have started getting a thick sticky white discharge with an oniony garlic type smell. I have had BV in the past but it isn't the same as that. I thought maybe it might be a mixture of BV and candida but i don't have any of the itchiness you get with a yeast infection. Besides, i took medicine for both but it still came back.
It isn't constant but seems to be there more than its not. I have it at the moment and it is the beginning of my cycle.
Also, the smell seems to be worse just before and during sex.
I'm not on the pill, my partner and i use condoms. Could that have anything to do with it? It is the first relationship i've had that has remained extremely sexually active and also the only one that i've continually used condoms with.
Like i said, i have had BV before and also candida before but the symptoms just don't seem to be the same as them.
Hope someone can help
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by RockRose, Feb 08, 2007
Well,  if it makes you feel any better,  apparently a lot of women have this.

I searched Google with the terms "vaginal discharge smells like garlic" and "vaginal discharge smells like onions" and got lots of hits.  

This is maybe the best discussion I found.  Doesn't give any real answers,  but you know you're not alone.

by here4theinfo, Feb 08, 2007
Best idea is to go check at your doctors office, it could just be a new strain of bacteria your dealing with. Have you eating any different foods or changed detergents? Excercis routine changed? Sometimes those affect it, also if your having urinary symptoms, it could just be a bladder infection, but that to needs medication from your doctor. It could also just be the start of your cycle and the fact you have a new boyfriend, fluids/condoms still can affect "down there" Good Luck..
by jen2006, Feb 08, 2007
That happens to me when I cut onions or garlic! I hate it!
by jewels8888, Feb 09, 2007
well if it helps, some site say that what you eat
has impact on your smell and taste.
it might sound weird, but did you eat something with oignon or garlic in big quantity?
usually the yeast infention might smell like yeast
(brean or beer) from what my obgyn says and not garlic i dont think...
but a yeast infection DOES NOT have to be itchy.
they are plenty of symptoms but not all women get them all at the same time. I myself get a weird reaction sometimes when i use condoms with not enough lubricant
(red,dry feeling with a smell sometimes) SORRY FOR THE DETAILS!!!!!!!
by uniqueflower, Feb 03, 2008
Hello- I have had this issue my entire life after puberty, onion smell that gets stronger at certain times of the month and when I am sexually aroused. I think I first noticed it when I was about 15 years old, prior to first sex. It is not unpleasant but eliminating onions and garlic from my diet does nothing for it. There are no other symptoms.
My comment is this: if you are uncomfortable or concerned, definitely go see your doc. But the suggestion that it is an infection or other such sign of "uncleanliness" is BS of the worst sort. Are we really so indoctrinated that we believe the myth that women's vaginas are "dirty"?!?!? I am so sick of the response being to wash more or take pharmaceuticles for some sort of infection- we are making things worse by doing this, and then when there REALLY is a problem (and you'll know it, you won't need to ask a forum) those antibiotics don't work anymore. PLEASE women, support each other and recognize the complex endocrine, reproductive and metabolic systems we all have! We are not dirty, foul, smelly, or otherwise dysfunctional from being our simple natural selves. Unless there is swelling, rashiness, itching or some other sign of a problem, onion smell may just be you.

BTW- My lovely man loves my taste and smell, any man that doesn't isn't worth being with sexually. There are plenty of men who would be *thrilled* to partake of your onion scent.
by uniqueflower, Feb 03, 2008
oh yeah, I forgot to add, My gyno- who is a lesbian- which in my opinion gives her the best possible credentials from every angle-has told me this is as common as roadside grass.
by Jossie01, Mar 28, 2008
Well my partner thinks the smell is totally disgusting...
by Alicebvt, Mar 28, 2008
You are so right. Smell is a subjective sense, and we are all conditioned by our experiences to view things as "normal" or not based on opinions of others. I was a bit freaked by a similar situation a couple of years ago, but have researched and had good counsel by my health care provider. Please feel free to read my post, but be sure to read my final entry, which is where I am currently comfortable with my vaginal / vulvar smell. http://www.medhelp.org/forums/WomensHealth/messages/1083.html. Jossie01, please explain. Either you are healthy or not, but your scent and odour are what the Good Lord gave you. Mine is still strong, but I have learned to accept my husband's appreciation of it as a sexual turnon. I am not so much onion like, but very pungent and musky, as I have explained in my posts, as more like a strong cheese. My gynaecologist explains that the glands of Bartholin's and Skenes, and the entire mucus membrane of a woman's vulva exude oils, fatty acids, and proteins that are as unique as our physical appearances. Please continue to research on your own, but barring infections or disease, we all DO have a smell to some extent. The thing to do is to become comfortable with your body, and if your partner still is not, well... that is another issue you may have to deal with. Hope this helps! - Ally
by marlisemo, May 15, 2008

OMG! I finally found out what the problem is. It's two different infections, bacterial vaginosis (bv) and a bladder infection. On May 1st, I was diagnosed just a plain bv. After taking the meds, I still had the clumpy sticky discharge during sex as well as the onion smell. I went back to planned parenthood today, only I was examined by another nurse practioner. She apparently has more experience and compassion, for that matter, than the other lady that examined me. She explained that the ph levels combined with sperm and bacteria build up can cause this. She prescribed cipro and phenazopyrid for the bladder infection and metronidazol gel for the bv. She also prescribed the metro.... tablets. She instructed me to take one tablet per month just before my cycle to kill any bacterial build up. Apparently some woman go through this more than others.

I hope this helps.

Feel free to email me directly at ***@****. I don't sharing my experience with you. I was relieved to discover that I wasn't alone.

I hope the meds clear up everything. I'll post again in a few weeks.