Excessive Uncontrollable Peeing
by emueller, Aug 31, 2008
I just recently moved into my college dorms. My diet has changed somewhat;eating meals at irregular times, drinking alcohol more often, and working out less. The first few days i was completely normal but now i have huge bladder problems. I will be sitting there doing nothing with no bladder pressure then all of a sudden i have to get to a bathroom before i wet myself. It comes at random times of the day and always in large amounts. I will be running to the bathroom and leaking and cannot hold it. There is no pain or discomfort---nothing out of the ordinary except these sudden onsets of peeing. I have also been very gasy and bloated and this is very unusual for me. I have no motivation to do anything but sleep and wait until night to wake up and go out. Can someone help plz??
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by MaybeAChance, Aug 31, 2008
First of all drink more water. Sounds crazy but try flushing your system out of all that irregular junk... secondly I had the same problem when i was in basic training. I actually had one accident while i was there. Idk what it was about being there but my diet changed by alot i worked out more and iw as constantly on the move. Maybe it is just your bodies way of dealing with stress. But I would suggest trying to find your own rhythm and drink more water.