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Excitement SO INTENSE it almost feels 'Numb' down there! NEVER had THIS B4. Normal?
So, I do not know if this is normal. But I'd like to know if it is at least not UNhealthy or a sign of something being wrong. Here goes:

First of all, it's important to note, I am 35 years old and KNOW my body, likes and dislike VERY well. So this question comes on the heels of having realized, prior to THIS relationship, I've NEVER had THIS happen with ANYONE else. But! Ive ALSO NEVER (truly) Ive NEVER become SO excited with/by anyone else - NOT like THIS! And I mean that, even aside from this issue Im mentioning too. What I mean is: Outside of THIS particular feeling I will discuss, below, Ive NEVER had someone make me YEARN, CRAVE, DESIRE, GET OFF with and WANT for them even CLOSE to how I do my current man. I think that's one of the reasons Im a little concerned....that its just begun now. Well, since THIS relationship of almost 2 years, began. But! It's increasingly become stronger, this sensation. There again, So has my desires and cravings FOR him though in every other way even OUTside of the bedroom too.  

Okay, so! When I get 'excited' sexually, that is, I get this sensation down below that almost feels as if Im getting numb. But I can VERY MUCH FEEL EVERYTHING that happens during and after this 'numbness' begins, though. Sometimes, however, the 'excitement' is SO GREAT, like the other night, the 'numbness' feels SO INTENSE, that it almost hurts! And I mean, I am like throbbing almost and feel so umm, 'numb' that I almost BEG him to enter me. And when he does? It stops. Now, I will be SOAKING WET by the time he does enter me, and all feels awesome, but IDK, its just crazy to me! Weird, even. NOTE: Theres no pain during or after the sexual 'session' and all feels wonderfully awesome, but IDK. Like I say, I've just NEVER, in my LIFE, had ANYONE make me feel THAT, or yearn for them either, the way I do this man! *smiles satisfyingly*

So? Has anyone else ever encountered this sensation? Do you know what it is? Is it 'normal'? Is it healthy? Is there something going on, that I should have checked out, specifically (as I DO visit the Dr. once a month and I DO stay on top of yearlies and monthly testings and such)? But, is there ANYTHING YOU can think of that I MAY need to be tested for, specifically, so I'll know what to ask for?

Finally, I do NOT (not that I'm aware of), have ANY STD's OR STI's and NEVER have had any of the former. Again, Im completely up-to-date, too, on all yearlies and monthly follow-ups with my Doctor due medications I have to be on, but also HAVE been on those for over 5 years, so its not that.

Thank you ALL, so much, in advance for ANY and ALL help, input or even questions you may have or ANSWERS you feel inclined to give me.

Thanks! And God Bless!
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