Flutters on left side of stomach area
by Gatwo, Jul 19, 2005
I'm 36 years old and overweight. Had my tubes tied 7 years ago. I have been experiencing a flutter like movement on my lower left side. No pain is associated with this feeling. I have no symptoms of preganacy. My cycle is normal. The feeling can be felt on the inside as well as by hand on the outside. Any idea of what this flutter might be. I have been feeling this now for a month or so. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on what this might be.
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by tnt406, Jul 19, 2005
Hi,Have you talked to your gynecologist about this fluttering feeling?If not you need to,it might not be any thing other than nerves causing the fluttering feeling,but then again it might be some thing else either way it is best to have it checked out for your own safty.Make an appointment today,tell your gynecologist the problem.Don't leave that room until you are happy with thier answer O.K.Let me know how every thing turns out,I'll be thinking of you.Take Care TNT406.
by troid, Jul 19, 2005
i'm 29 and overweight and had my tubes tied 3 years ago, i too get the same feeling only once in a while, i have had sooooo many problems since my tubal,i dont think its anything to be concearned about but if its troubling you it wont hurt to ask your gyn. it doesnt happen to me all that often so i never even mentioned it to mine. take care and keep us posted if it is anything.
by Lvs, Jul 27, 2005
I just turned 30 am about 50 pounds overwaight and have had my tubes tied 4 years ago. And guess what? I get that same feeling sometimes too. I have no idea why but I do.
Just thought I'd let you know.
by troid, Jul 27, 2005
that is so wierd isnt it?
by fragmaster, Nov 25, 2007
strange thing is i have the same thing all you women are talking about it is like little baby movements.... and with no pain whatsoever, only thing is ? i am a 40 yr old man my partner has just given birth to our son and i joked it was sympathetic father syndrom, can anyone help? i think it shouldnt be catagorised as a woman only thing, i think this would hinder the research as to what actually is causing this could it be something moving iin my bowel is it here at this side i can actually feel the movement with my hand!
by wolfwolfiepup, Nov 25, 2007
I get them all the time too and it's usually nothing. The veteran Mother can feel this twitches much more easily than others.
by Yvette78411, Dec 05, 2007
Hi iam a 31 yr old mother of 3. I had my tubes tibes are the birth of my son in 2000. which was 7 years ago. I havent been pregnant since. But occasionally , Ive had the flutters in my left upper and lower side as if I were pregnant. I have periods occasionally. But, also since having my tubes tied many years ago, i have more problems than i ever imagined. I ve developed a condition called TUBAL LIGATION SYNDROME.. Most doctors do not tell us women about it. But it is real. This condition can and will destroy your health. Because of the blockage from the tubes being tied, the healthy blood flow thatis needed has no where to flow. Which leads to severe damage to the blood vessels in our fallopian tubes. This disorder also causes Female organs to become displaced. Meaning the move from their orgininal location in our bodies. It also cause phantom periods. Periods may not come for a year or more.
  It also may put you in a state of Menopause!! Women educate yourself on TUBAL LIGATION SYNDROME!! Google it!! ITS REAL LADIES!! I HAVE IT!! Its ruining my health!! PLease Educate yourself!!
by rose1979, Feb 16, 2008
I'm 28, 5ft and 110 llbs.  I have a two year old have been on birth control pills for about 7 months.  I feel these flutters on my lower left side and I am really concerned.  I have not had my tubes tied but we share the same common problem.  If any other women has this issue it would be nice to have feedback.
by TONY30, Apr 10, 2008
I found this site by accident as I was trying to find out what these strange symtoms where I was having.  I am 29 and I have these symtoms to.  Mine is also on the left side so that its a strange coincidence.  A few weeks ago I had a urine infection which was really bad but they gave me anti biotics and I went on my way.  It cleared up and I thought that was the end of that .......until I woke up last night with this strange fluttering feeling, feels a bit like something moving along my fallopian tube?!! (thats the only way I can describe it) Its not really a pain though more a niggleling feeling.  I have phoned the Dr and they want me to come in straight away to give a sample.  Now im worried :-(  Also I had been getting really bad nechache's and I never get neck ache, not sure if the symtoms are related at all but I thought I would just mention it incase anyone else had experienced the same.