Foul smell after treatment for yeast infection, why?
by scabaret, Feb 14, 2011
I had a yeast infection and I bought monistat 1 to treat it. I am sure it was a yeast infection, I have been diagnosed with them before. I had clumpy, yeasty discharge and intense burning and itching. No smell at all. 3 days after taking the monistat 1, I still have yeast and itching, but not as much, I read that monistat 1 can take up to a week to work (I always used monistat 3 in the past). The thing that worries me, is that I now have a bad smell that I did not have before the treatment. What could be going on?
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by scabaret, Feb 15, 2011
Please I need an answer quick!
by lovin_me84335, Feb 17, 2011
it sounds like you might have {BV} bacterial vagonsis.You can buy it otc its called VH Essentials you cn get it from your drugstore.its bout $25. hope this helps you.