Getting pregnant after D
by tissylou, May 17, 2006
I just had a D&C yest.  I hear different dates as to how long to wait to  try again.  Anyone have any advice?  I also heard you are more fertile immediately after a D&C.  Is this true?  Anyone who has been through this I appreciate the feedback.
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by Red_Rose, May 17, 2006

Sorry to hear about ur loss, how many weeks were u? Sorry I dont really know about how long after you can try, didnt the dr tell u?

Is it ok if I ask, I read about D&C before but the only time was when it related to abortion, I wasnt searching for that it came up by accident and what I saw shook me to the core where the baby comes out in bits and they chuck it in the bin like its nothing! Is it really as brutal like that? I heard its extrememly painful too. Ive seen a few people on here who had D&C is it a normal procedure for miscarriage aswell?

Sorry abt 20 questions hope they are not too prying and hope u get ur answer too

take care
by suzie3366, May 17, 2006
i am sorry for your loss. how far along were you?
i had a d&c on 4/18 and my dr is making me wait 2 cylces until we try again. Most dr say wait 1-3 cylces although some say atleast 6 months. I would just ask your dr.It usually takes 4-6 weeks to get you first cycle after the d&c. They reason is b/c it gives your uterus more time for the lining to come back and heal form the d&c b/c they scrape it or suction it out. yes you are more feritle during this time. me and my dh just got the ok last wk to have sex again(i had some problems from the d&c though) and we are having to use proctection.

No a d&c is not only used to have a abortion. It is a common procedure after a miscarriage. alot of times when you have had a miscarriage your body will not expel the sac and yolk so they have to go in and scrap your uterus or suction it out b/c if you dont get it all out then it will cause an infection. sometimes even if you have a natural m/c your body will not expel all of it and they will have to do a d&c to get everything out.  when you have a d&c you are asleep and afterward you bleed a little and have some cramps but you usually feel better in a few days. no having a d&c after a m/c is not brutal or anything like that. It is not like having a abortion (where the fetus is alive). when you have miscarried the fetus is is usually not even there any more and if it is then it does not have a heartbeat. it is two totally diff things they just have a similar procedure they use. It is kind of like if you have ever heard someone having a baby and not all the plcenta or some after birth was left in her and they have to get it so it wont set up an infection. well it is the same for a miscarriage. I hope this helped you some red_rose..
by Red_Rose, May 18, 2006
Thanks Suzie for that, Il try and not feel sick now next time I see D&C!
by solie, May 18, 2006
i love your comments its very detailed,

unlike some people whos trying to write some comments , that they dont know what are they talking about... we have to be careful for what were writing here , some ladies here in the forum are really need an answer they dont want to heard a such thing......

thanks suzie336 for ur wonderful comment
by hannah'smom, May 18, 2006
I had a D & C after my m/c on March 7th and my doctor told us to wait 1 cycle. At 7 weeks I still had no period and my dr put me on meds to start it. Every dr is diffrent b/c some like you to wait several months, I guess it also depends on the situation and your body.

I do agree with the last post on being careful with what we write. My m/c was 3 months ago but it's still VERY hard for me and to see things written like in the last post is very hard and uncalled for. Please think about those of us who have been through this and are trying to cope. Thanks.
by Red_Rose, May 20, 2006
Solie I understand people come on here for answers but I was asking to learn I didnt mean it to be insensitive but sometimes u have to ask things from people who know what they are talking about rather than drs, and its good I asked because now when I read other peoples posts on here I understand what procedure they went thru.

Dont u think its better to ask? If people dont want to answer they dont have to. I think some people on here maybe need to lighten up. Someone will aways say or ask something that will upset someone else but I asure u mine was unintentional so sorry if I touched a raw nerve with u or something. Lets not fight on here we are all here to support each other rite?
by solie, May 21, 2006
read back what u wrote for the first posted,
by may1, May 26, 2006

To everyone that is scared of trying to be pregnant too soon after a D&C.

I too had a m/c in March 2005, had a d&c and got pregnant 2 weeks after, as you can imagined I was extremely worried, even though we were not trying to get pregnant since my Dr. also recomended to wait al least 3 mths. I felt that my body couldn't resist the waitting period, and it didn't. I was pregnant scared... on my first visit to the Dr. I was 6 weeks and I saw the dr. on call, mine was on vacation, he did an U/S and said that there was a yolk sack but no baby, as you can imagined I was terrified and cried  until I saw my doctor two days later and when she did the U/S an saw a perfectly normal 6 weeks and 2 days fetus witha heart beat. we were so happy, my baby was alive. The rest of the pregnancy was scary to me...why don't I have morning sickness?, why am I not gaining weight?, why aren't my breast sore?, why do I feel so normal? is everything OK?, Am I still pregnant?...turns out everything was great and now I have a perfect little girl, she just turn 5 months and already won an internet beauty contest.

To all of you, have faith and pray, I prayed to God countless times a day and cryed like you woudn't imagine but now I see my little baby and everything is worth having her with me.

by solie, May 26, 2006
wow whats a nice story, is she ur first baby? i think she is sooooooooooooooooo cute. well iam happy for u..
take care and god bless