Gynaecosid as abortion pill?
by erutle1, Jun 14, 2006
My boyfriend and I conceived on the 27th of May..I am a week late for my period and we have decided to terminate the pregnancy due to personal reasons.  We don't know if the doctor we saw was right about everything, he gave me a pill pack called Gynaecoside that contained two pills..and said that in two to three days I should take a pregnancy test and it will come out negative..Does Gynaecosid work like this?  Have I damaged myself by taking this?  If the Gynaecosid does not work, how else is it possible to terminate a pregnancy this early in? I am only 19 days pregnant..
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by cugirl, Jun 14, 2006
I dont really know that much about Gynaecosid.  Have you browsed past questions on medhelp? I remember there being some questions like yours.  Upon googling gynaecosid all I found was why other countries young girls are using it.  You should ask your Dr the side effects of using this and how it will effect you in the future (can you get pregnant later in life? or will you have trouble?).  If the gynaecosid does not work you may have to have an abortion.
by daddiesgirlforever, Jun 14, 2006
Your absolutly right!!! I know alot of women on here are having a hard time ttc, but it's her body, her choice.