Hard Lump Under Skin In Pubic Area
by EllaBella07, Nov 17, 2007
I have a hard, pea sized lump under the skin in my pubic area (less than 1/2 inch above clitoris and slightly to the left).  It's not visible at all and can only be felt by touch - I first noticed it about 1 1/2 months ago.  Went to my obgyn and she quickly told me it seems like an ingrown hair and I should put warm compresses on it.  She even said it looked like a white head was coming up.  Well, the compresses didn't work.  I never was able to see any kind of white head and to this day still don't after close inspection.  I honestly really don't think it's an ingrown hair, especially since I don't shave in that area.  The lump is still about the same size.  Also, I've experienced quite frequent itching in my pubic area for some time, even before the lump appeared.  Unfortunately I forgot to mention that to my doc.  So, now I am a little worried since when you search the net for these specific sympotms you either find very scary info on cancer or not much relevant info at all.  Has anyone out there experienced this or knows someone who has?  Most likely I will end up going back to the obgyn for a second opinion, but with one of the other docs.  Thanks in advance for any info you guys might be able to provide.
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by berry615, Dec 30, 2007
need an answer.
by andy789, Jun 02, 2008
I am 23 yr old man with a basically identical problem.  This is the only post I have found that seems to be the same issue.  There is a smaller than pea size lump about 1 inch above and to the left of my penis in my pubic area.  I really dont think it is an ingrown hair as it has been there for a couple of months and has no head (also I do not trim or shave).  It is not visable, red, or raised above normal skin level.  It is only noticable to touch but I hate it and cant figure out what it is--which makes me hate it more.
by tor1234, Oct 28, 2009
If you find out what this is LET ME KNOW! I have the exact same issue. I have a lump under my skin probably a little bit bigger than a pea but not much.. It is in the crease of my leave between my inner thigh and my pubic area.. i feel like its a strange areA? It just popped up yesterday. i am freaking about it though.
by sophisticjewel, Nov 14, 2009
i have the same problem, with another gazillion problems down there and just cant figure whats wrong....i've searched everything on the internet from general rashes to herpes and even cancer(God forbid). im so scared. i have an appointment on the 25th...if i get any new insight will let u knw
by AlphaFemale, Nov 30, 2009
Gee... I'm having the same exact problem! And I can't find any info! Except mine has gotten larger over the past couple of days and, like you all described, it's unseen and is only detected by touch and it's itchy. :( And I do shave. Pls, if any of you have figured it out... Post.
by hoggus_ballus, Dec 19, 2009
sophisticjewel, find anything out on your dr visit?
I'm 45 year old man, don't shave or trim.  Had same problem itching for about a month, then a pea sized lump halfway between navel and penis.
by Honie, Dec 28, 2009
I have the exact same issue described above - i really dont know what to think and im worrying (like anyone i supppose) about cancer ... ?
Basically -
- whole area is itchy (getting worse)
- bit smaller than a pea but only under the skin
- can be felt to touch, not particulary sore now i think of it

Anything at all would be helpful; thanks.
by ciarabarnett, Jan 31, 2010
I am 16 years old and i have the same problem in the same area as you. Mine is twice the size of a pea and is growing. It is extremely hard and it hurts and inches.  If you have gotten any information about it please do tell.
by lucinduh, Feb 05, 2010
Try searching "Hidradenitis Suppurativa".