Help! Im worried about this Clear Watery Fluid Gushing out of my Vagina?
by 3Babys679, Feb 18, 2011
Hi, I am 23 years old and married. I have three younge children. I also have my tubes tied for about a year. Yesterday and today I have been leaking this Clear fluid from vagina. It started out in smaller amout (more like a leak) but very noticeable, and increased. I have gushed one time,Yesterday and then it seemed to slow down. Today while I was excercising I gushed out such a large volume that I soaked my underwear and my pants. Like, if I had a dress it would have puddled the floor a little, or soaked a pad. I have never had any type of discharge like this befor. It is clear and and very thin, like the consistancy of water, infact i almost couldnt tell the difference if i didnt know. It has No smell and No color. It really feels like when my water broke, but I have my tubes tied so.... I Is it possible to be pregnant, or ectopically pregnant? I am just starting to get concerned. I know that its normal to flush a little fluid from your vagina as your bodys own self cleaning system, but this is nothing like that, this is like *Gushes* of fluid. Can any one help? Does anyone know what this could be? Thankyou.
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by julianovak, Feb 18, 2011
You should call your doctor. I have never heard of this.
by gem111, Feb 18, 2011
Call your dr asap or go to the er good luck let us know how u get on xx
by ku111, Feb 19, 2011
Well, it could be your bladder.  Have you done a pregnancy test for kicks and giggles? lol  See what the test says.  Go from there.
by mamaof4410, Feb 19, 2011
yea i would go to the doctor. Ive never heard of anything like this either, but does it hurt or burn when it happens or does it just feel like you wet yourself? i would call the doctor asap and see whats going on. I don't think its an ectopic pregnancy because youd more than likely be in pain not wetting yourself.
by LosingMyMindInGA, Feb 19, 2011
Are you sure it isn't urine?  After 3 kids it's likely that you have lost some bladder control.  If it concerns you, you should see your doctor.  
by 3Babys679, Mar 01, 2011
Thanks For all the responces. I did call my doctor, and went in to see her. They did a couple tests like urine tests and a manual examination and everything came back fine. They basically dont know what it was, my doctors words exactly was "this was just very weird"! It hasnt happened again so far, though i havent participated in any very strenuous excersise since. I dont know what i was, i hope its not going to be an issue with excersise! all the doctor really said was to try to ease up to the intensity level of exersise more slowly, but she also said that she really didnt have any idea, so... Yeah, I have 3 kids so I have had alot of things go on down there including some lost of bladder control (like sneezing and times like that) so I know that feeling also, definatly wasnt that. Thanks Again to all who Posted Their replys :)
by trasksmom, Apr 07, 2011
I had something very similar happen last night!! My boyfriend and I had sex yesterday afternoon and around one fifteen in the morning water just came gushing out - a lot of water, enough that if I were pregnant would have thought it was my water breaking. However knowing I am not pregnant I thought that I had started bleeding, that was the feeling when you start your period suddenly and you can feel the blood drop and come gushing out. I jumped up and ran for the bathroom. When I sat on the toilet the same thing happened, it came gushing out again...however no blood...clear odorless liquid.....kinda freakin out!!! Nothing like this has ever happened...and the amount of liquid that came out...don't think it could be sexually related...especially to hold it in for twelve hours...but don't want to waste the money going to the doctor if it is nothing....
by Iheartpanti3s, Dec 15, 2011
I haven't had any kids, my tubes are not tied, I havent had sex in weeks and I gushed x 2 within hours of each other. Wtf is this?? I'm 32.
by minivan_mama, Jun 10, 2012
I can relate. I also have 3 kids, have had my tubes tied and every now and then I will gush or leak clear, odorless fluid. Just like you said, it is like when your water breaks. I have to change several times a day. No itching, burning, etc. Just random amounts of liquid. Feels like you've started your period. It's not urine. Urine has an ammonia smell to it and this has either no odor or kind of a sweet smell like amniotic fluid at times. I am not pregnant that I know of. (tubes tied) I have a menstrual period every month. No idea what it is or why it happens. Maybe hormonal changes throughout ovulation..?