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Hemorrhagic Cyst
While I was in the hospital of Dec. 6th-7th I was told I had Cysts. Did not know what kind, shape, size, or etc at the time. My gyno really did not show much concern. Therefore, I have gotten out on the 9th. Had sharp pain, pressure, and abdominal pain also. Along with being faint-like, dizzy, and nauseated. I told my doctor about the symptoms and the cysts that were found. Well, since my gyno failed to go into any great details...smh! My doctor told me that on my Left it was 3 cm and on the right it was 4 cm. I had to go to see and gyn specialist for the concern she had about the pain and whatnot? That's when he (gyn specialist) told me they were called: Hemorrhagic Cyst and they usually go away. He prescribed me a pain killer (Ultram) and kept me on my blood thinner (which I have a history of blood clots, that's why I'm on it). Therefore he stated he did not want to remove the ovaries because of my age (32) and it will throw me into pre-menopause which I already known that (been researching for a while now). The pain is still kicking my butt and I would prefer to have them removed! But, he said he would prefer to try other options. My question is. Can't he remove the cysts without moving the ovaries? Or he has to remove both ( cysts & ovaries) ?
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