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How do I ride a boil on my vagina
This is third time I have had the same boil or what ever it is to come up on my left vagina lip.. The first time was about 10 yrs ago and my lip swelled really big and in a few days it went away on its own.. The second time was about 2 or 3 yrs ago and it swelled a lil and went away on its own.. I can't wear panties or any cloths that can rub it and when I sit I have to sit with my legs open.. This time has been the worst though I can't wear anyting that is close up on it.. At first it was just like before and I guess I aggervated it and my lip has swelled twice the size of my right one.. Also the hardness of the boil which always was at the edge where my panties would rub is almost in my whole lip.. It is kinda freakin me out.. I took an infection pill that I had gotten at another dr. visit for a tooth ache, it probably isnt stout enough but I cant afford to go the dr... I know its not STD, I thought I was the only one that had this problam until I found this site..  I'm hoping I can get some advice on here from some other women that have been through the same thing.. What should, or can do???
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