How to get my wife to squirt? She wants too?
by Odeh5, Aug 26, 2008
How do I get my wife to squirt when she orgasms? She has intense orgasms and multiple but can't squirt....and we both want her too. Any good suggestions?
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by Kim1989, Aug 26, 2008
you cant make her squirt. not a lot of girls can. sorry
by lyl, Aug 28, 2008
I happened to discover that I can only by chance, long long after I have been having sex. The only thing is that once that happened, it will carry on happening every time the woman will have an orgasm. It's quite messy and it's hard to have sex discreetly without leaving some hard core evidence. It can damage furnitures if your not careful, so I don't know if you really want that from your wife.
by tjs63, Dec 29, 2009
i wish i could lend my husband out.... he's an expert at it  i feel guilty when i read these and hear my girlfriends complain .... however...i went many years and a bad hub and relationships before i met this wonderful GIVING man!  for the guy who wants to with his wife.... tease the crap out of her   without touching her..... have a few minutes of sex.... dont ***... and then reach in and lightly quickly rub her g spot which will be hard... now... he also does something with the tilt of his finger and hand  and as im on the receiving end and have never GIVEN ...lol its the best way i can describe it... he wont tell me and ive TRIED to figure it out on my own.... but i cant... (he says that way i will never leave him....and he's RIGHT! LOL)  ITS MIND BLOWING  every time and very very messy.... lol.... the sheets are always ruined after sex... and we are very active.... hope that helps....
by kmrk, Sep 25, 2013
My wife unable to squirt ...... she squirt while she playing herself with a dildo in a doggy style. But when I f**k her in different positions she never squirt but she having orgasm 6 to 7 times a row. We tried every positions and hard and soft sex also. She having multiple orgasms but unable to squirt...my wife wants too but she can't...

Any suggestions pls...
by H20SkiQTExternal User, Sep 27, 2013
It is possible that your penis is blocking the flow,I have the same issue,so my boyfriend pills out when I start to orgasm during intercourse and ever since I have had no problem,plus it feels amazing to have that release. Good luck,hope this helps!
by kmrk, Sep 29, 2013
Thank u... I tried but fail... she feels like pee every time during sex then I speed up, she orgasms very well but never squit.. I think women squirt while mastubate not while having sex.