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I'm 18, and am going to try Paragard soon in a few days..,please h...
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I'm 18, and am going to try Paragard soon in a few days..,please help!!!

Here's a bit of my background history...
Sometime in january 2010 my mom and i decided that it'd be a good idea that i start taking birth control before i go to college. personally, i just don't trust men and condoms...i just want something that i know i can rely on, that i'm in control of.

The only problem is that i have a blood mutation, where my blood has more potassium than it should, therefore making my blood "sticker" than it should be. The outcome of this is that i can't have any form of contraceptive that has hormones-which is basically everything except for: condoms, spermicides and diaphragms, and IUDs...if i do have anything with hormones i'm at an extremely high risk of blood clotting and stroke.

I can tell you now that spermicides and diaphragms are out of question. It's just not spontaneous enough and kindof disgusts me (sorry if that's too blunt =/ )

So what it's all come down to is condoms and Paragard.
after an ultrasound my obgyn said it should be fine, however i'm not the usual candidate. I just turned 18, and never had kids.
However, I am an extremely monogamous person.

For the past year and a half i've been with my boyfriend, and sometime after we graduated highschool, he asked me to marry him.
however we're going to wait after we're done with college.
so we're engaged, but no one knows.

We have both been tested this summer and neither of us have any STI/STDs. i have never cheated on him, nor do i plan to- and i have full faith he is and will be the same way.

^^ sorry that was so long =/ i just wanted to make everything clear about the situation i'm in.

Anyways I just wanted to be able to go to college and not have deal with accidentally getting pregnant. it happened to my mom, and my sister, which created some problems. i just know i'm not ready for that yet.

Paragard initially sounded awesome!! to have an extremely reliable, inexpensive contraceptive, with no hormones, that lasts for 10 years seemed like a great idea. so i did some research and read up on other people who have used it. but it's hard to find anyone my age in the same predicament.

most reports about it were so positive (excluding the longer bleeding, cramping, and initial pain when installed ) !!! but there were other things women said where they had copper poisoning, as well as a ton of other painful symptoms. there's also a lawsuit against the makers of Paragard apparently.

I just want to know what people's experiences are, how often do the really bad symptoms occur?
Normally i wouldn't be such a downer about this, or be as scared about those things, however it seems to be that i've inherited all the health problems from my family, and that i'm more prone to have more secret ones that haven't shown up yet.

also in the past i've had terrible periods that were irregular, where i bled over 7 days, and had cramps to the extent where I couldn't do anything for the day. but in the past two years my period has become regular and has shortened to 4-6 days  

I leave for college next saturday, the 28th of august. I'm supposed to get the paragard this wednesday, three days before i leave, if it ships on time. but i dunno, would that be a terrible idea to try for the first month of school, particularly if i am away??

thank you so much!
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firstly, you are not supposed to be able to even get an IUD if you haven't had any children. I have never heard of a doctor offering it or doing it for someone who hasn't.

But, i can tell you my experience with paraguard was awful. the pain of getting it put in was unbearable. almost as bad as child birth for me, not even kidding. i bled extremely heavy the entire time i had it in, i would soak through a pad and my pants in less than hour. about 3 weeks after having it in, my husband and i tried to have sex, it hurt so bad and i started bleeding. i went to the doctor only to find out the IUD had caused a bacterial infection and also had began to fall out and got stuck and was literally cutting me. The doctor had to pull it out with forceps, which was again, extremely painful.

Why can't you just use birth control pills, the ring or the shot? there are plenty other options for you. An IUD can cause serious complications such as going through your uterine wall and pelvic inflammatory disease. also, you can still get pregnant with an IUD why can be life threatening, cause loss of the baby and infertility in the women.

you are so young and have never had a child, personally, i think and iud is a terrible option for someone in your situation and can't believe a doctor would even do it, but that is just my opinion. btw, birth control regulates periods in most women.
--sorry totally missed the part about you not being able to have anything with hormones.

would it be possible to use an extremely low dose birth control such as loestrin? i know you said you don't like condoms.. but i would really try to find another option, other than an iud.
Well the paraguard got me prego!!!! I now have a 3 month old
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