Is it normal to have white pubic hair?
by Annie_Kurt, May 07, 2009
Hi everybody.. I've had this question in my mind for the past year, when I found out for the first time that I've got several white pubic hair near the vagina area. It's not all white but it really terrifies me as I thought maybe I've got a serious problem in my reproductive area. I'm not married yet and still a virgin and haven't been to the doctor for it coz I'm scared. Can anyone help me or tell me that this is not serious? Thank you sooo much

Worried Gal.
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by meyerl, May 07, 2009
Dont stress to much! Remember that its is normal skin which you have aroung your vagina and thus should "react" the same as the rest of the hair on your body. My suggestion is to see if you have some white hair on the rest of your body.  Also, are these hair normal texture or a different texture from your other pubic hair? I have read somewhere that white hair are normally just "dead" hair folicals but cant remember the rest of the story.  The last resort is to go and see either your GP or your Gynie.  I know that you are scared but at least they will be albe to give you an answer and ease your stress a bit more.  Also, they say that we tend to get white and / or grey hair down there before getting it on our heads and that it might start to happen as soon as your late teens.  Good luck!
by Bon-Bon, May 07, 2009
I agree with meyerl.  

I know a young lady who started showing gray hair around age 18.  My first gray hair popped up at age 43.  So everyone starts to gray at different times.  Pupic hair is no exception.  :  )

No worries.
by live_love_laugh, Nov 25, 2009
i have a vaginal bump that's under the skin. It doesn't hurt unless I put pressure on it. It only bleeds sometime if it gets cut. I don't do anything to it, yet small cuts appear on it. Sometime the blood turns into a thick, yellowish-white, liquid. It drains out of the bump and then the bump gets smaller. But by the next morning it is back to the same size. It's about the size of a dime. I really need help. I'm 13, a virgin, and very scared. I don't use tampons yet, and my period is irregular. Please help! I'm terrified!
by lauren488, Nov 25, 2009
I notice this "string" of skin when I stick two fingers inside my vagina. One finger is on either side of the thread. I notice it may not be from the inside, but on top of the opening of my vagina. In a way there are almost two small openings to the entrance of my vagina, except of course it's only a string of skin and doesn't have an entire "wall" Please help! Is this normal? I'm still a virgin and I worry this may complicate intercourse when I eventually have, and/or make it more painful because of this complication or confusion.
by nesha358, Nov 12, 2011
That is the hymen it naturally does that it is an indictation that you are still a virgin.