LONG Term Bleeding after Colposcopy
by kr8244, Jan 09, 2009
Please help... I had a colposcopy about three months ago now and I am still bleeding.  I had the procedure done about two months after having my first child, due to an abnormal pap right before I found out I was pregnant.  The doctor took three biopsies.  She needed to take four, but I began bleeding really heavily during the procedure and she couldn't get the fourth.  She had to use some special clotting medicine because I guess I was just bleeding like crazy.  

I went back to her several weeks later because I was still bleeding.  (This started after the colpo.  It had stopped several weeks earlier then the procedure after having my baby.)  She sent me for a pelvic ultrasound to see if I still had a piece of the placenta and she thought she might need to do a DNC procedure.  However, they could not get the ultrasound all the way into my utures.  It was too painful.  The technicians were only able to an external ultrasound.  Of course, I had just HAPPENED to stop bleeding for the first time since the colpo. on the very day of the ultrasound.  (Murphie's Law, right?) The bleeding stopped for about two weeks, then started again.  

The bleeding is not quite as heavy now.  It's usually brownish in color.  However, when I have sex, it gets much heavier and bright red.  Sex also hurts, especially in positions where he can get deeper.  It also hurts somewhere internally for several hours after sex.  

I have a theory that my cervix was damaged by the colposcopy, but I am not a doctor.  I have talked to my doc about this several times and she does not seem worried because the results of the ultrasound they did were normal (though I'm not sure if she realizes that they were unable to do the internal ultrasound).  

What do I do???  
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by katwil86, Jul 25, 2009
GO TO A DIFFERENT DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!! That is so not normal and something is wrong. I've had 2 colposcopies. First time they took 1 biopsy and the second time they took 2. You have brownish discharge for a few days and it goes away after that. The pamphlet I got about the procedure says to contact your doctor right away if the bleeding/discharge continues for more than 3 days. You could have an infection or something could've been damaged during the procedure.
by n234, Jan 12, 2010
I agree completely.  Go get recommendations for a different gyno.  I am looking for a similar answer as well.  Two weeks ago I had a colposcopy for a slightly abnormal pap.  During the colposcopy the doctor said he found slightly abnormal cells.  Upon getting the biopsy, however, the doctor told me that the results were negative.  What did I have then?  He couldn't explain.  Then, after a week I noticed I was still having horrible horrible cramps and intense bleeding.  ( I had no intercourse and rested ).  I went back to the doctor and while agreeing this was not normal, he wasn't sure why.  I then had an ultrasound done which found two cysts on my right ovary.  However, the doctor said this shouldn't cause bleeding so he still has no idea why.

It is now 2 weeks later and I am still bleeding with horrible cramps.  Could this possibly be endometriosis?  My Grandmother had it.  I have dealt with horrible menstrual cramps my whole life, pain during intercourse etc.  Or could the doctor have done something wrong during the colposcopy?  He claims he looked and he didn't do anything but I am seeing another gyno soon.

What is going on?  I know this is not normal but I have no idea what is going on.  I wasn't having abnormal bleeding before the colposcopy.  Does anyone have any answers?

Thank you
by bmm1107, Jun 22, 2012
I am going through the exact same thing (except I did not have a baby). I got my colpo on May 2nd, had about a week of discharge, and then it cleared up until May 23rd when I started bleeding HEAVILY. It's June 22nd now and I am still bleeding like crazy. It seemed to slow to just spotting a couple times but then came right back (after sex) so it hasn't stopped for more than a day. I had an ultrasound too (internal and external) and my doctor seems unconcerned since those results were normal. My mom has also been telling me that she suspects my doctor did something incorrectly during the colpo and doesn't want to tell me (I'm a lawyer) and telling me that I should get a second opinion. This is so frustrating and worrisome!
by xxxemmaxxx, Nov 28, 2012
I had a treatment following an abnormal smear and bled for several weeks after. Once this cleared up I thought nothing more then after intercourse usually a day or two later started bleeding. This lasts a few days then stops. I visited the doc who examed me internally and said all looked ok. Since then I have bled again following intercourse but this time lasted 2 weeks then seemed to stop but again started! I'm being referred back as due my 6th month smear anyway and doc thinks best to see gyno just in case! I hate all the uncertainty and just want to be free of bleeding!
by Betsyxxxxx, Feb 09, 2013
So Emma what was the outcome? My story is similar to yours...
by nikkip28, Sep 30, 2013
I had one on friday i stoped bleeding so i had sex to night i couldnt feel anything and after the bed and both me an my hubby was covered in bright red blood.. Thats not nurmal is it???
by InkedMom23, Aug 30, 2014
I've had excessive bleeding after my colposcopy as well I got it done back in June bled for two week off for a week bled for another two weeks off for a week bled for three weeks off for a couple days and I am bleeding again but its a lot heavier than before. I've developed anemia from excessive bleeding and I am also breastfeeding my baby still. my Dr. didn't seem worried after the procedure I was set up to get the IUD the day I went in they said I couldn't get it I had to come back and get cryosurgery which I will receive on the fourth of sept. I don't understand what could be wrong an I am highly worried because I woke up this morning to chang my babies diaper and just was horrified with so much blood even though I wore a pad.
by Mauayd, Sep 10, 2014
I wondered if anyone could offer me some advice please.

I had my first smear test recently and was sent for a colposcopy where she then took a biopsy. It's just over two weeks now. I had spot bleeding for the first 2-3 days then just heavier than normal discharge for about a week. Then it stopped but for the last 2-3 days iv started back at the gym and each time iv excercised iv had heavy dark brown discharge. Slightly concerned and can do without the stress with my wedding in 6 weeks.

Thanks in advance :)