Large lump found on labia majora........ painful........ worried!
by TheConcernedOne, Aug 03, 2006
Hello there. I am 20 years old and Im a virgin. I have not had sexual contact of any kind, i.e not even oral. The day before yesterday I felt a pea sized lump on the inside of my outer labia. It was uncomfortable but not painful as such. Today it has gotten bigger, and when i looked at it with a mirror it is on the outside of my labia as it is clearly visible by looking at it. if i push and pull it around (it is very painful to do so) it does move, and there appears to be a sort of white 'head' on it, though this 'head' is under the skin. I have looked on the internet to find out what this could be and the only things i can come up with are a cyst or an ingrown hair. I had a small pea sized non painful lump in a similar place last year and that went away in a few days of its own accord but this is different. I do not feel comfortable talking to my parents about this. I am not currently registered with a doctor. Do you think i should register one and go and see them as soon as possible? What could it be? It is hurting me to wipe myself, and also when i sit down or stand up. Please help me.
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by TheConcernedOne, Aug 04, 2006
I read on another website that its best to drain the cyst if that is what it is, so i sterilised a razor blade and tried to burst the cyst. However it didnt work. I dont know if i wasnt cutting deep enough but it was very painful so i stopped. I tried squeezing it and that didnt help either. I dont know what to do about this. If i register with a doctor would going to see the nurse be sufficient? are there any over the counter products that could help deal with the pain in the mean time?
by happyflower, Aug 04, 2006
This sounds to me like a boil/cyst/infected hair follicle. You should really see a doctor if its that bothersome to you! Don't mess with it so much either! I get those too, and I find that when I examine them or press on them in any way they get more and more irritated, and that just makes you think, "gosh what is this thing?!". They normally heal up within a few days in my case. Taking a warm bath or placing a warm wash cloth on them can help draw out the infection, and makes it feel much better. If the skin breaks, put a very small amount of neosporin on it. Best of luck to you!
by who_is_this, Aug 04, 2006
This is likely an infection hair follicle.  You should see a doctor now, especially since you have resorted to home surgery in the form of trying to cut into it with a razor blade.  

If it happens again in the future, apply moist heat to it several times a day (warm washcloth) and leave it alone.  It will drain on its own eventually.  If it doesn't, or if it becomes bigger or red areas spread you should see a doctor.

But now that you have opened it up with a razor, I'd see a doctor.  You could get a nasty infection.  Explain to the doctors office exactly what happened, so they can get you in quickly.  If they can't, go to an urgent care or ER where you can be seen quicker.
by alvaa_1, Nov 18, 2009
I have a large lump on my left labia majora, Ive always had lumps but they were just normal ingrown hairs that go away within a few days notthing to major. But over the weekend I developed this humongoid "it" on my left side, everytime I look at it it seems to just grow bigger, I always bathe in hot water, but this sucker just wont go down, its big enough that I can grasp it with the tips of all five fingers. My g/f tried to squeeze it last night and it hurt like all hell, Ive tried to put a hot compress but it dosent even take the pain away, now if I do squeeze i can see like a head thats just really smooth and it looks sort of like a small head on top of a huge cyst now. Any suggestion ???
by BeHopeful96, Dec 06, 2009
So did u ever figure out what it was? I just began to notice mine this past Thursday. I messed with it Friday night and it just got bigger. It hurts everytime I walk I can't even sleep due to the pain.
by morsealy, Dec 14, 2009
I'm in pain right now. This is the 8th time I get this thing!..I've gone to the E.R twice they cut it open n insert a tube so it can drain. But I'm tired of going ...so what I do is just sit in the tub with warm water and just let it pop n drain on its own.I'm the best thing to do is not mess with it just leave it alone sit in the tub 3 times a day or more if possible. It sux going thru this but that's the only way to get rid of it...I've tried many things before n they never work all I do now is take a lot of pain killers and leave it alone..good luck to ya
by ladycapricorn, Mar 09, 2010
Hi, thank you for your posts.  I think I have exactly what you are describing.  It is twice as big today than it was yesterday.  Mine has a white head on it but it appears to be under the skin.  I was thinking that I may go into the ER because it is very painful and i had no idea what it is. I do feel a little better though after reading this forum.   I would go to my regular doc, but since my layoff, I don't have insurance and it seems easier to go to the ER and pay off the bill.  I'm not sure though.  I think I will try the several baths thing and warm compresses and see how it feels tomorrow.  Its been growing for almost a week now and is now painful just sitting here.  Please send updates if you have them.  Thanks so much
by justwanaknow, Mar 09, 2010
I posted something similar yesterday with no reply ;-( my lump starts off as red, then it gets painful for two days before it starts bleeding spotty. The pain goes after that but it turns a scary purple. I dnt shave exactly on that area. Wat could it be?
by homeopathic, Mar 28, 2010
I am getting over the same thing thing and since there seem to be more questions than answers, I'll tell you what worked for me.  I put slices of garlic on the infected area and covered it with a band-aid.  The garlic brought the infection to the surface and over the course of the last two days it has drained quite a bit.  This morning the infection finally came to a head, and I was able to pull out the ingrown hair (which was surrounded by quite a bit of puss).  It has been reduced by nearly 2/3 from it's original size and is still draining.  I know it sounds gross, but garlic does the trick, no matter where the infection is.