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Lower abdominal pull and pinching feeling

I am new to this site and forum so your input and guidence will be more than appreciated.

This feeling which I am about to describe I have been having it for the past three days but getting stronger by the day and is worrying me.  I am a 44 years old, sexually active with one partner, very careful about hygene and using contraception (condom).

The feelings or symptoms I am feeling are as follows:
End of my period was October 31 of last month.

(1) A brown discharge, not continious.
(2) Lower right abdominal pull.
(3) When touching the area I feel little bumps that seem to come and go.
(4) A pinching feeling that only stays in the lower right side and can feel it even when I cough.
(5) At night when in comfortable clothes my stomach bloats even though my stomach is not so full.

I have fixed an apointment with a gynacologist but can someone relieve my mind from wondering and thinking of all sorts of things that scare me.

Thank you and waiting to hear from you.

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