Lump near pubic bone
by Sandoz, Jun 21, 2006
I am 20 years old and I have a lump on the right side of my vagina. It is near my pubic bone, near the hairline. You can't see it but you can feel it when you apply pressure and move in circular motion. It is about the size of a marble and does cause some pain, but nothing drastic. There is also some swelling around it. But I am very worried and tried researching on it. I really need some advice right now. Please, help me.
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by ravel5, Jun 22, 2006
I would go see a doctor or your ob/gyn about it if you suspect anything! Do not try to research this on the internet- get a professional opinion as soon as you can. It may be nothing serious, but at least it'll put your mind at ease and you can get proper treatment for whatever may be the cause.

Good luck and let us know how things go :)
by asali21, Jun 23, 2006
Please go get it checked out.  One of my sisters(33yr) noticed a lump at the end of feb/beginning of March.  Told my mom about it my mom said go to the dr.  My sisters Dr. had just left his practice.  It took her about 2-3wks. To get in.  make a long story short she was told that she had vulva cancer. She had surgery two weeks later. Since then she has been super sick(throwing up non stop).  She can't recieve radiation or chemo till she gets better, because both of those treatments wreak havak on your body and she needs to be strong enough to handle it. As of two days ago we were told that the cancer has now spread to her kidneys and around her arota(sorry about spelling.  The doctors do not giver her much hope(us much hope) except for a Miracle from God.    Some maybe thinking did  she ahve multiple sex partners.  Nope. She was a virgin until she was married 4 years ago.

So please for the sake of your health and life- go to the doctor.  No family should have to go through this.

by kristiemichelle, Jun 25, 2006
i had something similiar happen to me once, turned out to be a cyst....non life threatening....but a relief to know so go see ur doc....it will at least ease your mind
by bearcatsfan, Jul 02, 2006
I just found a lump two weeks ago.
I can't get into my Dr. for 3 more weeks.
Reading these has me scared to death.
by ldygwn, Jul 04, 2006
I have had many lumps and bumps in the vaginal lip area. First thing is not to panic. You'll just make yourself feel worse which won't help you get better... trust me. Most times its just a blocked hair folical or pore. I put hot moist faceclothes on the area as often as possible to try to draw them out. And dry the area very well before putting on clothes. You should definetly make an appointment to see a doctor asap  but your body may very well take care of the infection before you go. Keep the apointment to be sure its cleared up. The worst lump I ever had took my clinic over 6 months to final get me back to "normal'. We had tried 3 courses of different antibiotics over the course of 5 months and the lump would grow and shrink accordingly but never quite go away. Finally I ended up having surgery. The lump itself was about 1 inch to the right of where a woman may tear during delivery of a large baby! It was occasionally quite painful. Because of its location the doctor I saw opted to remove the entire lump rather than putting in a wick to try draining. She called it an "perirectal cyst" but said that the terminology was not quite right do to its location. I ended up with about a half dollar size hole in my vaginal area that took about 2 weeks to close and I was left with a very tiny scar.  As a matter of fact I have an appointment tomorrow for another lump in the same general area. It is very deep beneath the skin. Sore to the touch. I have also have a small lump beneath an obvious hair folical that is clearing up as well that I noticed a week ago it is already beginning to shrink. The main thing is once you get a lump to get treatment started asap before the body walls it off which is why I had to have surgery. Any other lumps I have found over the years have been treated via antibiotics and have cleared up within a few weeks. The lump removed via surgery was not cancerous. Hopefully this one will clear up without surgery too.
by ldygwn, Jul 06, 2006
Saw the doctor yesterday. I'm now on Cephalexin for the next 10 days and got Terconazole for a YI too. I've only taken 3 pills and th elump already seems to be shrinking here's hoping it disappears! Hope you've gotten help too.
by Kat943, Nov 13, 2007
hi, i just read your forum. i have just found some lumps on my vaginal area and am vey worried im 20 and the lumps are at the pubic bone and i dont know where to go to get them checked, should i go to my doc or should i go to an std centre?
by Bren85, Nov 13, 2007
GO to the doctor ASAP...Knowledge is a form of prevention!
by bigaddybiddy, Dec 11, 2007
I have the exact same thing! ! my lump is about the sise of a pee.. im 15 and dont really want to tell any1.. What can i do???!?! shout i wait and see what happens?
please help   -> very worried!