Lump on upper arm
by confusedJ656, Jan 10, 2008
I have a lump (about the size of a kidney bean) on my upper arm (on the upper side) and its been there for about a month. It doesn't hurt, it feels rather deep and attached to the muscle and is fairly hard. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea as to what it could be?  
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by isavegas, Sep 02, 2008
My husband has a similar lump (about the size of several kidney beans) we found a few weeks ago on his left arm. It's about 5 inches down his upper inner arm, close to the elbow area.

He also has occasional tingling and numbing up and down that arm tto his little finger and no previous injury there.

Were you able to get yours check out? We could use ideas too. Thanks & God bless!