Mosquito bite like bump on Labia majora. (Nervous reck, please help!)
by Monet, Oct 25, 2005
I just realized that I have an tiny, itchy bump on my vagina.  It is located on my labia majora, under my pubic hair.  It isnt painful at all, but it is itchy. I dont think it is an ingrown hair because it is not painful.  It feels like a mosquito bite. What could this be? I am 22 years old and had sex for the first time about 3 months ago with my boyfriend of over a year.  I ruled out any sexual transmitted diseases because from what I know he doesnt have any, and if he did wouldn't sympotoms show after we had sex for the first time?  Also, if this helps, I just finished my period today and thats when I noticed the bump...and I just started using baby powder in my underwear, I don't know if that could have caused this.  Please help, I have a slight case of hypochondria, and I am worried I could have some kind of serious disease.  I know its probably nothing but someone please help!
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by Jenni6485, Oct 25, 2005
I dont think its an STD. If you shave, you might have made a tiney cut and irritated it and now a few hairs are trying to grow through. It shoudlnt hurt, its just annoying, and bright red. If you scratch it, you'll release hystomine and it will itch more.
Here's how to get rid of it fairley quickley...
Treat it like a huge under the skin pimple, dry it out.  Press a warm cloth on the area, dab alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, do that a few times a day, and use neosporine at night.
Sounds grose... but the hair is traped under the skin, and its going to be a black area when the swelling goes down... Either it will turn up as a whitehead and be poped... or you'll have to use a pin and tweezers to take them out like a splinter. Takes about 2 weeks.

Thats just from personal experience... if you believe that you have contracted an STD, by all means, get it checked out.

And also... Visual signs of an STD arnt always seen shortly after intercourse. IE, herpes and warts can take their sweet time.. Some dont show signs until 6 months after the fact.

Take care
by oceans3, Oct 25, 2005
i have had something like this before and it was itchy. i really thought nothing of it and it just ended up going away.

i would put a warm-hot cloth on it as often as the day will allow and hopefully it will draw out whatever is in there. often times strange emerge down there right before we get our periods. sometimes i may get a yeast infection a week or so before my period, sometimes a develop a bartholins (sp?)cyst.
ingrown hairs can be itchy too.
by rockstarcowgrrl, Oct 25, 2005
I know you said that you don't think it is an ingrown hair/infected pore...but that's what it sounds like to me.

Just because it doesn't hurt...doesn't mean it's not ingrown hair...I just went to the dermatologist for a major rash in my groin area (worried about herpes) and he assured me it was just a bad case of razor burn.  Sometime they don't hurt, but they itch like crazy...just like any other infection.  The baby powder probably just clogged a pore.  

If it gets worse or more show up...go to a doctor...otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.
by monkey777, Aug 12, 2007
i have the same issue right now, they are itchy and red, and the more i itch the itchier they are. i had sex with some one whotold me they are clean about a week ago, could this be ingrown hairs too? or something else? sorry i have no idea how to start my own question...
by annna83, Aug 18, 2007
try popping it i bet it will... i get them all the time and i have had sex with one boy and he only had sex with me..
by ipimpblue, Dec 29, 2007
I have one, but its right beside my clitoris, it doesnt hurt, and it did itch slightly for a few days, the swelling is going down, which I take to be a awesome sign (as i know im STD free, and so is my boyfriend) but can't figure out what in the world caused it. It almost feels like the cysts you can get in your ear lobs after you stop wearing earrings. All I did to get it to go away was put peroxide on it, used a anti bacterial surface gel stuff that worked fine. The itching stopped and the swelling like I said, is going down...but its still bright red. oi. Vagina's and their odd problems!
by claudia1127, Jan 04, 2008
i have the same problem just that the skin around it is dried now idk what it is but im going insane
by kimnkat, Jun 20, 2009
My 7 year old has an itchy red bump........does anyone know what this might be??? Sweat gland pimple???
by healthissue64, Sep 13, 2009
hi monet! i have the same issue in labia majora. i dont think they are ingrown hairs either. i have had the bumps for about 2 years now, it got worst recently. i went to the doctors several times, even had a biopsy, but nothing is helping. doctors said that it was folliculitis and gave me bacterial as well as fungus treatments. so far, i have had no changes. i am so worried. i dont know if theres any help. it itches like crazy and the bumps are getting larger. does anyone know anything about this? would love to get some feedback.