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No Hair on Toes...Poor Circulation?
My mother is going through a medical problem right now.  She has an area on her lower leg that looks like a rash.  Her medical dr said it was a rash, dermatologist and a foot dr said it's her veins. They have burst and she has no circulation in her leg.  Her leg and foot is not cold.  But, she has no hair on her big toe.  I was told that is means no circulation, but she had a hysterectomy and said she hasn't had hair since that.  So, that could be a side effect of that.  Just wanting some insight, if any is available.  She was told she'd need to have srugery to replace her veins with artificial veins.  And she needs to visit a heart dr because with this happening it doesn't sound good for her heart.  We are in shock and just wanted to know if anyone else has had anything similar to this or what.
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