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I was on the pill for about 8 years. I swtiched brands one month before we decided to get pregnant (if this matters). My last period on the pill started on the 28th of November. I finished my pack and didn't start a new one. The last pill (sugar pill) was on the 1st of December, making my last active pill the 25th of November. On the pill I always had 29 day cycles, but I  know that I might not have that off the pill. I was young when I went on the pill and before I did I never kept track of my cycles.
I got my first period after quitting the pill on the 24th of December making it a 26 day cycle.
Since I got my period does that mean that I have ovulated and things should be normal from here on in?
This is my first time ttc so any info that I can get is greatly appreciated. I will be making a DR appointment after the holidays but I always like info from people that have actually been through the experience.
Thanks for any info in advance!
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