One Labia Minora Bigger Than Other
by snowtree45, Apr 03, 2007
One of the labia minora lips is bigger than the other, it has extra skin and is very dark in colour, and has no feeling. Now the problem is that it sticks out and I'm very uncomfortable with it. It makes me feel akward and abnormal. When I get my period sometime its hard to get the tampon in because it gets in the way and sometimes folds over so I can't get a tampon in and it hurts. Does this happen a lot, and how does it happen? Is there a surgery I can get for this, and should I?
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by tmv, Apr 03, 2007
We are all made a bit different in all departments. I don't know about the discoloration and numbness.  Have you had children, because a hard labor can sometimes cause this?  Anyhow, it is a rather costly procedure that I don't think insurances will cover as it is cosmetic.  Here's a website with a lot of details for you:
by Trialanderror, Apr 05, 2007
I read that only in very few cases insurance companies may pay part of this if the psychological trauma is overbearing. But I also read there is always the risk of losing sensitivity in the surrounding area after surgery. Most importantly, though: it is very common and in previous years most men could not care less. This is one area where an average porn magazine can come in handy because you get a better understanding of "normal anatomy" without being a gynecologist. Sorry to be outspoken but it is one way to shake off doubts of self and save the cost and torture of surgery.
by georgiafaery, May 09, 2008
I have had the same problem!
It's very embarrasing and horrible to look at.
And I am 15 years old... HELP PLEASE!
by littlewoman101, Aug 25, 2008
im am only 12 years old and i have that probleme (one labia minora bigger than the other)  i was worried at first because i was afraid that it would affect my health? (does it) i thought i would look it up before i talk to somone like my mom should i tell someone or is not that serious that i should keep it to myself? and TMV what did you mean when you said you dident now about the numbness or discoluration because mine is numb and a diffrent colur to does that mean this might be somthing more or somthing diffrent??? please tell me!
by TabacBlond, Aug 30, 2008
I am a RN and have seen hundreds of penises and vagina/vulvas.  I can say that for the most part most all external genitalia have a variety of colors, sizes.  Just as it is very normal for women to have one breast that is larger than another, it is true for labia as well.  Unless one side is a good deal larger than the other I don't think you all have any thing to worry about and even if it is, then it is probably just a psychological/cosmetic deal.  It is not unusual for the outer edge of the labia to be a darker color.  This is true for penises as well, in that there are variations of color, size and even the way the penis hangs, some curve in a direction.  

In the past no one thought much about this, but now that everyone's genitals seem to be everyone's business, has this become an issue.  There is no 'perfect' anything on anyone's body.  God knows what He's created and it is all just fine.  

If you still worry, go see a gyn or your family doc.  Also there are different levels of sensitivity in and around the vagina/vulva.  

Personally I think our culture has lost its mind.  Focusing on what is so called 'sexy', the correct ' size' of bodies and every organ, what is 'beautiful', etc... The point of life is to live and love.  It is not to be a 'perfect' object that is something to be observed and judged as we move through life.  Girls, reclaim your life, femininity and dignitity, find what you love and make it yours.  Don't spend your time worrying about who will or won't find you to be perfect.  Be and own your unique beauty, and let men find and pursue you.  You and all of who you are is your POWER, this is what the source of beauty is.  

Relax, breathe and laugh at MSM.  You are God's beloved daughters.  Now behave like it.   xxxxx

by jess57, Sep 14, 2008
I also have the same problem, my right Labia is bigger than the left!
I am 15 nearly 16 and i am very embaressed about it, i almost feel abnormal! Im too embaressed to go to the doctor or tell my mum and i just dont no what to do as i feel i cant turn to anyone. I really want surgery to put it right!!!
Please help me :(
by livemylife, Oct 19, 2008
i have the same thing and i am 15 too and very depressed about it i ignore getting a boyfriend becuz of that and i really want surgery on it i dont care if yall say its normal cuz it aint and i think my mom thinks if i get surgery on it then im goin to have sex with boys but im not
by jmm21, Oct 30, 2008
i too have the same problem & i'm 15
my left is bigger than my right
i dont want surgery though, how else could i make it shrink?