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Our Mom Having Severe Sharp Pains, Migraines & Symptoms Similar to...
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Our Mom Having Severe Sharp Pains, Migraines & Symptoms Similar to Bladder Cancer


Last year our mom (50 y/o) was complaining of having severe pain in her side, and bloating, she would swell up in her mid section and it was really hard for her to walk some days and usually at the end of every day, she also talked about having pain on her left side and was extremely tired. She went to  a few doctors, and I beleive was prescribed antibiotics, and at the reccomendation of me (her son), she also started taking probiotics. Time passed and things got a lot better, but she would still complain of having pain once in awhile, her living far away, and not wanting to worry her kids, I don't know if things ever really got too much better. Last week we found out that for the past month she had been missing work and been visiting the doctors daily, and had been to the ER several times for severe migraines. She's basically been stuck in bed and been prescribed pain meds, the doctors can't find anything wrong. She told our aunt she feels like dying, it's that bad. She was able to email us more details but is too tired herself to make a post online so I hope someone can really help us, below is a timeline of recent events and doctor visits as well as her symptoms. We're really worried and it's heartbreaking seeing her in so much pain and not having any answers. THANK YOU.

On 9/15 she woke up with severe migraine and had to pee every 30 minutes, had  a burning sensation everytime. felt fevirish, with sharp pains on left side and her vagina. Thought it was UTI and decided to go to urgent care since it was the weekend. Did lab work and tests, and found red blood cells in her urine. Did  a pelvic exam, and was running a temperature of 100. Prescribed vicodin and cipro, was told to get ab/pelvic ultrasounds ASAP.

That was the last day she was able to drive anywhere, pain started shooting down her left leg, and had trouble even walking to the bathroom.  A week later, she was driven to get my ultrasounds done, and they didn't see anything abnormal. No kidney stone - but many ovarian cysts in left ovary and one in right ovary. That night she bled quite a bit, and on Monday they figured out the cysts in her left ovary burst, they were no longer there. Right ovary cyst remained.

Went back to the doctor three days later, and still had low grade fever, and red blood cells in urine. The doctor said the cipro should had helped clear them by that time. She asked the doctor what else it could be, and they didn't know - said everything looked great, good blood work, no signs of cancer in the organs tested. Was told to visit a urologist if things didn't get better within two days to be checked for bladder cancer.

Went to the urologist a few days later for a cystocsopy/biopsy, she brought all of he reports with her. At the end of the appointment the receptionist noticed the CT scan she brought in, and showed it to the doctor, he saw it and said schedule her for surgery the next day, and that all the problems would be fixed.  Apparentley he saw something in the left ureta, he said he might put  a stent in if he had to crush a stone.

Went in for surgery - and no stone found. Now scheduled to see a neurologist.


low grade fever every day
red blood cells still in urine as of yesterday
migraines just about every other day
constant pain in vagina and lower left side that feels like someone is pinching me and needs to be cut out...without vicodin pain would be 10+ 24/7....now the pain is manageable at times and still 10+ during the day and night when
cannot lie down or sit without lots of pain, better to stand or walk...
haven't slept more than four hours straight since 9/15
body aches even more when i have migraine, fever and when pain goes down left leg...then i even feel like my whole body is burning up in the inside...
cannot drive or work due to pain and being on pain killers, hard to concentrate on doing anything
have woke up with sore throat a couple of times as well

meds on since 9/15

taking cipro, last day was yesterday
vicodin - 1 every six hours
ibuprofen started after surgery last night - 800 mg 2x daily for five days

After looking a bit online, a few new things to look into are, interestecial cycstitias (???), endemetreosis,  and her sister suggested possibly Lyme's disease? Nobody really knows, we're just looking for something to make sense of this. I'm worried about her wasting time and money seeing the wrong type of doctors. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, if anyone also has doctor reccomendations.


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wow what a lot your mums going thru. god bless her. i can tell you that i dont think these problems r linked to bladder cancer. and the reason i say that is my mum was diagnosed with it 6 months ago and didn't show any of these symtoms (symptoms). her symtoms (symptoms) were all urine related. now. i do feel that there is something goin on in the female organ section. due to u saying about cyts bursting etc. your mum needs to see a gynaecologist in my opinion. get her help soon as this is too much 4 anyone to bear and good luck. hope this helped. please keep me updated as to what happens
What about going to the Mayo Clinic??  Maybe they can help.
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