Pain in my pelvis (below my stomach and above my vagina)
by All_I_Know_Is_Pain, Mar 18, 2007
I have 3 daughter's and after my third pregnancy I have been having pain in my pelvis bone. I don't know what to take for the pain becuase nothing works and I can't take nothing that will put me to sleep because I have a new born baby. Sometimes I can't walk, sit down, lay down at night or sometime's can't even move. The pain is so back that I can't hold my baby because she moves so much.

What should I do???????????
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by sparkeler, Mar 19, 2007
Google interstitial cystitis
by idesofmarch, Mar 19, 2007
It could be pelvic misalignment, it can hapen any time but since you just had a baby and it can happen more so then, I would look into it.  A good physical therapist or a chiropractor  or a sports doctor can get it straitened out and you can get easy exercises to keep it that way.  Good luck
by missnewyork, Sep 27, 2009
i have pains in my pelvis couple days after my menestrual goes off there be a white cloudy dischare the pain is so unberable i dont what to do and some times it get so worse that i feel it in my behind at times i cant even move its just so much pain and pressure on my vagina
by Tuckamore, Sep 28, 2009
Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. Have you seen your OB/GYN for these symptoms? Is so what are your physician contributing this pelvic pain to?

You may need a second opinion if your physician(s) are not able to find the cause of your pain. I'm sorry I cannot be more helpful. I am guessing this is related to child birth. Have you seen a urologist? I would just keep searching for answers until someone could tell me what is going on.

Best of luck to you.

Take Care,