Painless bumps on vagina during pregnancy
by almostAmommie7, Sep 12, 2007
Ok, so I'm about 33 weeks pregnant and have noticed a few bumps around the opening to my vagina, some inside. I did have some itching/burning to go along with it and told my doctor. She sent me to the hospital to give a urine specimen as to find out if i had some infection. Nothing came up. Could it be something that wouldn't show up in a urine test? The bumps are painless. They're flesh-colored but I think some have swollen. No more itching and burning has happened lately. It could be cysts, but aren't those white-colored?
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by kellym, Sep 12, 2007
Are you sure they aren't warts or skin tags?  Even the smallest tag gets filled w/blood at 33 weeks pregnant because of all the blood circulating the body. I went in and thought I had something terrible and she said, girl that's just a skin tag. You never notice them not pregnant until all the extra blood starts to flow through you body. Yours sound almost like warts. Painless flesh colored bumps around the vagina. They also are prominent and appear more likely in pregnant women.
by Sexxyk143, Sep 12, 2007
I had the same problem when I was pregnant due to stress. However my doctor took a culture test and told me it was herpes. Those can only be detected by culture tests. 3 out of 5 people contact herpes and don't realize it. It can lie dormant for many mths EVEN years. Stress lowers the immune system which can activate it. I haven't had a breakout since my pregnancy so I think u need to get a culture test.
by almostAmommie7, Sep 12, 2007
But warts are hard, i've heard. I've done research and it said that vaginal warts look and feel just like a wart on your hand or anywhere else on the body. Skin tags make since though. I'll ask my doctor. I'm getting tested for Group B Strep in two weeks anyway, so if it's anything worth worrying about she should tell me while she's.. down there. Thank you!
by almostAmommie7, Sep 12, 2007
I don't think it's herpes... those are blister-like and they hurt. The bumps also get worse and eventually peel and stuff, right?
by talk2me08, Mar 08, 2008
i have the same thing but mine are really tiny and they are only around the entry to my vagina idk im freaking out and my boyfriend has this tiny purple spot on the head of his penis now but i think its a bruise or a hicky to be honest because i did give him head like four days ago he is freaking out and asking me if i have anything but i dont think i do i think these are from being pregnant and if i pick them off they bleed but they dont hurt at all idk ???? can anyone help me tell me what mine is and what his is ???
by angel8435, May 19, 2008
i am 29 weeks pregnant and i also have bumps around the entry of my vagina. i asked my doctor and he said it wasnt warts but it was some virus i got from there being alot of moisture (the vaginal discharge leukorrhea) down there. he told me it should go away but i am still worried he could be wrong. they kinda look like taste buds and they are in a line......if anyone has any ideas i would appreciate them!
by LauraB78, Aug 29, 2008
I saw someone posted about bumps at 18 weeks, and found this..

Hope this helps??