Popable bumps on inside hymen/vaginal opening
by Baunfire, Jun 23, 2013
A couple nights ago I had pretty intense and long sex for the first time in a good while.  Today I was itching a lot and upon cleaning myself and expecting a bit of a yeast infection from the heavy play, I noticed two small bumps on the bottom right side of what would be my hymen/ vaginal opening just on the inside.  I squeezed them and they popped easily with some sort of almost skin like expression from them.  Just after they bled lightly.  The itch is now gone after popping them and they have decreased significantly in size.  I am thinking it could be a simple pimple like obstruction that came from friction and blocking of pore from condoms/lube.  They are smooth, rounds type of blisters. They do not have any sign of being warts or HSV.  But am more cautious and curious it could be from HPV.  
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by cynthiam427, Jun 23, 2013
it could be use summers eve liquid clenserr you can buy it at dollar general and if they r there more than a week call ur gyn
by Baunfire, Jun 26, 2013
Summers Eve contains ingredients that cleanse and kill away good bacterias.  Every time I have ever used it it has caused a very bad yeast infection.  I am not a believer in anything to cleanse but water unless the doctor has prescribed it.

The bumps are not really bump any longer, more spots where the bumps once were.